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My fascination for glosses is not weaning despite the heat coming down upon us the past days. And I would like to share with you the reason for this fascination. 

Meet my absolute favorite lip gloss, ISKIN New York Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper!

It's been my go-to lip gloss for more than 2 months now. It's that one lip product I never leave the house without. I know, I'm surprised myself given that I use to stay far far away from glosses.

But this one has three things that I wanted in a lip gloss
  1. It's not sticky at all
  2. It has a minty scent
  3. It looks great against my lips.
But ISKIN New York Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper is not your ordinary lipgloss. It is actually a dermatologically-tested lip plumper to give fuller, younger, smoother looking lips sans surgery. If you've been wanting to plumped up that lips to evoke an Angelina Jolie-esque puckers, then this is your solution.

Lipaddict has comfortable feel that comes from the marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. These two ingredients are wildly known for their plumping and moisturizing properties. Unlike other lip plumpers I've tried, Lipaddict seems to be the safest that even I, a pregnant woman, can use it. It doesn't have the stinging sensation that usually leaves my lips feeling bruised and numbed. Additionally, Lipaddict also contains peptide that penetrates into the top layer of the skin to form new collagen that gives that fuller lips effect. With longer usage, you'll notice that this gloss will not only give you fuller but also smoother, younger looking lips.

So that's makeup and skincare in one!

Although I think I have full lips already, I can't deny the fact that using Lipaddict has minimized the chapping on my lips and made it looking more lush. It's like having 8 glasses of water everyday and your lips are reaping all the benefits! Although I don't advise you to skip the h2O at all while using this but that's how I felt whenever I use my Lipaddict in Glamour. I even use this before sleeping when I feel like the aircon is dehydrating my lips.

I also noticed that whenever I use it, it doesn't settle on the lines of my lips nor does it stray outside the lip line. Using this alone or on top of a lipstick is so easy. 

Lipaddict comes in varied shades, 12 to be exact. I've seen the others but I fell for the pink gloss of Glamour (210). It has purple undertone that's so hot right now. It's super flattering against my pale skin and great for any occasion and outfit. I'm not sure if it's my age or that I'm becoming more mature (and a mom soon!) but I do like natural-looking feminine shades. :)

For more photos, scroll down! I've got the swatch, the lip swatch and FOTD featuring the Lipaddict Glamour below. :)

Oh! And you'll love the mini mirror on the cap. I'm not sure if it's designed that way but it sure is helpful at checking if your lips from time to time. :)

ISKIN New York Lipaddict Voluptuous Lip Plumper (Php1250) is exclusively available at Flawless clinic near you!

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