Pixi Beauty | Makeup to Wakeup Filipinas

Another brand has hit Manila shores and it's one worth taking a closer look at.

Meet Pixi Beauty, created by a noted makeup artist and entrepreneur, Petra Strand.  What made her create her own brand of cosmetics? She wanted a makeup line that will help us look while we got a good night's sleep. Making Pixi known for their brand message, Makeup to Wakeup. With knowledge of makeup, having meticulous eyes, she was able to formulate quite an extensive line of cosmetics, that are mostly multi-tasking and have multi-purpose. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was invited by Glamourbox.ph to attend the Pixi Beauty Launch wherein they formally introduced the brand to a few chosen bloggers. Find out how to create a look that'll give you that freshly woken up appearance. :)

Lia Ramos, beauty queen, entrepreneur extraordinaire and founder of Glamourbox.ph shared with us how happy she was now that Pixi Beauty is available in the Philippines giving Filipinas a chance to look beautiful wth hardly any effort to achieve that covetable Makeup to Wakeup look.
Au Mauricio with model, Theresa Jose.
Au Mauricio, internationally-trained and well-known celebrity makeup artist provided a short demo to achieve the Makeup to Wakeup look with just a few products from Pixi Beauty. She had the opportunity to work with Pixi Beauty in the US and she wanted to share it with us. Of course, all of us blogger paid attention to mimic this gorgeous look.

Theresa Jose in her radiant Pixi Beauty makeover
And oh the look was amazing and quite easily accomplished even by newbies. It's one of those stress-free makeup for dummies kind of tutorial. A makeup look that will truly fakes a good night sleep.
1. Start of with a primer for long-lasting makeup.
2. Even out the skin with an illuminating tint and conceal necessary redness and blemishes.
3. Top off cheeks with creamy rosy blush for a natural flush.
4. Define eyes with a silky eye pencil that won't tug the eyes.
5. Wake up those eyes with an skin tone shade liner to brighter them up.
6. Define the brows following the natural contour of your brows.
Set it with a brow mascara to keep them in place all day.
7. Add more brightness around the eyes.
8. Open up those peepers by fanning out the lashes with a lash boosting mascara.

Theresa is gorgeous to begin with, of course. But with every product Au applies on her, it made Theresa looked more and more radiant. Her skin was glowing after and we gaped with how a few products can achieve a sun kissed yet glowing look. :) We were envious.. at least I was.

Au's Pixi Picks: Flawless & Poreless Primer, Illumintating Tint & Conceal, Succelent Lip Twin in Peony Pink, Endless Silky Eye Pen, Eye Bright Liner, Natural Brow Duo, Eye Zone Brightener, Lash Booster Mascara
Au assured us that even makeup virgins can achieve such look. Pixi Beauty specially made their products easy to use and quick on results. Given that most of the products are multi-tasking, it's quite easy on the pocket, too. Looking at the prices at Glamourbox.ph, I was pleasantly surprised to see them fairly priced, ranging from Php395 to Php2,500. Not too expensive and yet too cheap that I would worry about the quality. 

Pixi Philippines was kind enough to give us our Pixi starter kit in order to recreate the Makeup to Wakeup look. :) I will share this look with you in one of my future posts. :) 

As of the moment, I am currently reviewing the Flawless and Poreless and I'm quite happy with the result. The Natural Brow Duo is becoming a staple in my kikay kit while the Eye Bright Liner is fast becoming a holy grail waterliner. :)

Please visit my blog for more Pixi updates and soon, reviews about the products. :)

What Pixi product are you interested the most? :) 
Share by commenting and I might just give one lucky reader a chance to win it! :)

Pixi Beauty is available at Glamourbox.ph and select Snoe Beauty branches.

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