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If you're like me, whose life is overrun by a number of lipstick tubes. Then I suggest you get one of of the Vueset Tahiti container from the Digital Traincase. I really wouldn't have thought of getting one except when my Cleo got a hold of a lipstick cap and chewed it beyond repair. I swear that little mut has wolf teeth! I started to search Digital Traincase online, whom I remember, sold lipstick containers in sleek black casings. But I couldn't find it. What I found instead is this genius of a clear container that fits the palm of my hands, has 24 slots and is microwavable!

The price was also reasonable at Php800! But Sol of DTC chose to send this one as her Christmas gift to me. I knew I was in Santa's Nice list! Thanks, Sol!

I couldn't resist of course and I started to open the gift! I wanted to use it immediately but I suddenly met a wall when I couldn't decide which lipsticks I should de-tube... After a few hours of looking at my lipstick collection, I saw my BYS Lipsticks longing for my attention. :) These are really nice lipsticks with matte consistencies but unfortunately the containers/tubes are such duds that I don't use them as much. I knew then that these tubes were the ones that deserves the slots of my Vueset containers.

I subdivided the shades into three: Reds and Oranges, Nudes and Peaches, and Pinks.

Each slot can accommodate 3 grams of lipsticks. BYS lipsticks contain 3.5g and I managed to get all of it into a slot. Do it by process. I melted the lipsticks I was able to get using the cosmetic spatula, then added the rest after and melted it again. Melting time will depend on the consistency of the lip colors. Matte took about 3 minutes to melt with about 30 second intervals.

What you'll need for easy transfer of lipsticks:

cosmetic spatula
alcohol (preferably one with spray
needle or toothpick

1. Clean lipsticks first before transferring. 
You can either spray the lip product with alcohol or dip it in a glass bottle for a minute.
2. Wipe of excess alcohol and leave out to dry.
3. Transfer lipstick using the spatula. Try not to use your hands unless it's thoroughly clean.
4. Heat product in interval of 1 minute or 30 seconds to avoid them from boiling.
5. To help with the melting process, mix the lip product with a toothpick or a needle. The microwave may only heat up the top part.
6. Tap the product to set them into a smooth surface.
7. Place the palette in a fringe for cooling.

I've read in some reviews that microwaving the product may cause a change in consistency but I didn't notice that with BYS lipsticks. If you're not too OC and you're okay with just transferring, that's also okay.

Vueset is very popular with the makeup artist professionals and is actually invented by a makeup artist. The compact clear casing got some really useful slots along with the fact that it's light and can easily stack up on each other. Really well thought out by the creator. :)

Perfect for bringing everything without breaking your back. It also helps with seeing all your products at once. It's helpful for people like me who forgets that she actually owns quite a number of red lipsticks and she doesn't need to purchase more! Lol!

Vueset Tahiti for is the best palette among the collection on because you can fit anything in them. From cream, powder, pigments to beads. Unless you're planning to depot of de-tube everything, the Tahiti with 24 slots is the palette to choose.

I'm very happy with Vueset! It's one of the best discoveries I've made last year and I plan to collect more! Only because it's so fun transferring the lippies and seeing them all lined up like that! 

Vueset Tahiti Palette (Php800) is available online via Digital Traincase.

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