Pregnancy Dilemma: To give up the dogs for the baby

I've been racking my brain with this problem since I got pregnant. You see, I have 3 dogs. Which I think some of you already know. There's Duke, whom we consider our first born child. Then Duchess, our second. And Cleo who is Duchess' daughter.
I'm in love with all of my dogs. I would never want to give them all up just because I'm pregnant. But seeing our current situation right now, I'm already having anxiety on how I could manage my three adorable pets and my newborn child. And the additional expenses this might incur in our budget... :(

So I thought of giving my Duchess and Cleo to two relatives who wants their own pets.

Why did I think of giving up my pets? I live in small condo unit, with one helper and my future husband. When I see furs flying, and my dogs freely going up the bed, I can't help but imagine scenarios like my child getting trampled on or that he or she might develop asthma or allergies from my dogs. Expenses definitely adds to the stress I'm having now.

My vet informed me that there is nothing wrong with having pets at home. Human doctors though have strong feelings about keeping pets close to a newborn child.  I'm terribly confused. The FH is definitely half-hearted with this decision since he's very much attached and invested with all of our pets. He would do anything for them and it breaks my heart to see him torn about this.

But as a mom-to-be, I have to think about my child, right? I have to think that some sacrifices are worth taking to give him/her the best chance to survive and live a healthy life...

I really don't want to give up my pets... but at this point, I don't think I have a choice. :(

Have you come across a dilemma like this? Share with me your wisdom. I'd love to hear them.

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