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I guess, you've heard the news... :) 

I'm getting married!! :)

To my readers whose been with me since I started this blog knows how long R and I have been together. Eight years to be exact. The funny thing is, we did plan to get married this year (2014), but not as rushed as everything is now. :)

Thanks to the baby that is steadily growing inside me, R and I are finally tying the knot and legalizing the union we have been nurturing for almost a decade. And boy were those years ripe with highs and lows. I've always felt that I'm married to R. Since we both decided to buy our own place, move in together and start our lives of independence from our families, I've always thought that was the beginning of forever. We always thought of getting married but a lot of things happened in those years that prompted us to put it on halt year after year after year. It just really wasn't on top of our priorities. 

And from someone who came from a very difficult family situation, marriage isn't really something that I thought important between a man and a woman. I thought of it then as a ball and chain that traps them forever. But as I ponder on it, sought counsel from friends and family, started reading the bible... I realize that marriage is not that at all. I have been enlightened that marriage is a testament of love between you and the person whom you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

With only two weeks til our civil marriage, it's been an easy decision for us to finally do this. It's like we were just waiting for the right time and the sign that God has given us that through the bundle of joy inside me. It's like Him saying, "Here's your family now. This is going to be yours forever."

It doesn't feel rushed at all despite the pregnancy. Although R and I had to talk things through just a bit, we both feel that this is exactly the right time to do this. We want to bring our child in the world wherein he or she wouldn't have problems with her name, papers and all that legal things growing up. We don't want her doubting that her parents weren't sure of each other. Because we were. :) But kids tend to have their own minds when they grow up and they might think differently about us if we don't do it the regular way.

And as the date nears, I can't help but feel incredibly excited, anxious! You know, anxious like it's your field trip the next day! I guess, I wanted this more than i thought I would... and it's not even the grand wedding with 300 guests and all the trimmings and details. It's amazing how far we've changed and grown for the past year.

Another thing that's so overwhelming is the incredible support we are both getting from our families and friends. Although I usually don't care what other people think, in this case it fills my hear with so much joy that people we care about want this to happen. They want us married and having babies!

But I have to share with you something that's truly in my heart. I posted this on facebook awhile back and want to share it with you here. :)

"I love how people who knows how long R and I have been together are so happy that we are finally tying the knot. But the truth is, I've always felt married to this man. What we're doing -- for me -- is a mere formality for the law to recognize us as husband and wife, partners for life. No piece of paper can equate to how devoted I am to my man and how determined I am to fight for this relationship with all that I am. I feel it in my heart that my God knows that as well..."

I hope that anyone here who got pregnant will not jump right away to getting married unless both of you are sure about making the lasting commitment. I may not care for marriage or weddings as I did before, but I knew how serious a commitment it is and to go through it with uncertainty about your partner is not the best way to start a good marriage. And it won't certainly be healthy for the child you will be bringing into this world.

My our relationship isn't perfect but it's full of love and understanding. I'm coming in to this marriage with eyes wide open and my heart doubly so. I may not be able to foresee the future but I know whatever it may bring, I plan on fulfilling my vows.

Our civil wedding is set to happen in two weeks, while the church ceremony will take place same time as the christening of our baby by the end of the year. :) So many things happening, so little time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My heart is just bursting with joy with all the things happening that I just have to share it with you. :)

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