Tech Tuesday | iPhone 5C in White #SmartiPhone5c

Just when I thought I'm over iPhone... I was wrong. I had everything I needed in my iPhone 5, which I think is the sexiest iPhone out there (well, except now that iPhone 5S is here). But I am here eating my words and quite head over heels over my new iPhone 5c.

I was part of the crowd who thought that iPhone 5c looked liked it's fitted for the younger crowd. And why not? When most of the kids of this generation are practically glued to their smartphones. No wonder smartphone brands are creating fun and colorful phones for them. Especially since acquiring them now takes only a few minutes and a few thousands.

But when I held this little wonder, oh boy I was hooked! Unlike iPhone 5 with it's sleek steel externals, the iphone 5C has a sturdier/solid feel to it. It surprises me until now that I haven't had the inclination to cover it with a casing. Why? Because the back is practically scratch-proof! And I just love the lightweight feel yet it fills hand hand perfectly for that very important IG post that I have to make.

And don't get me started on the battery life! Amazing! Running on LTE 24/7, this baby has stood a good 12 hours without me needing to whip out my external battery. No more 20 or 10 percent battery life notifications! Like today for example, I left the house at 1PM and at 9PM, my battery life at 45%! And that's saying a lot since I was only phone for hours straight during Maybelline's Top BB Model Search and distracted myself with Instagram while waiting for the BF to pick me up at the Galleria.

Let's just say that it's been awhile since I felt liberated from having to fear the lost of battery on my phone. :) And that's a good thing. :)

Another thing that I really like about owning an iPhone is the sheer joy of not having to manually transfer contacts, messages, apps to a new Apple device. Since all I have to do is hook up my new device and synced it up, I get to enjoy my new phone in just a few minutes.  

And did I tell you? With LTE and 5C, browsing and changing app to app is so much easier. From updating status, to opening links and of course, uploading instavideos, the 5C has held its own and did so with flying colors! It's putting my laptop and DSL to shame.. :)

I'm not sure but the speakers of iPhone 5C in my opinion is also better than the previous unit. :)

I'm in love with iPhone 5C White. It's sleek look matches the minimalist shade that makes it so much appealing. :)

And don't get me started with the 8MP Camera. :) I've lost my heart in it! And with the 4-inch Retina Display? I'm in tech heaven. :)

Overall, getting the iPhone 5C was not as frivolous as I thought it was. It was actually a good semi-upgrade from my iPhone 5. 

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