Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses | Review and Swatches

I'm not sure if it's the Holidays that's making love glosses.. you know the sheen of it on the lips that makes you think of of melting ice... Or it must have been the influence of the animated Disney movie, Frozen, and inspiration from the shiny ice castle of Elsa..

When it comes to lip products, glosses are in this Season! After all, 'tis the season to shine!
One of my favorite lip glosses is definitely the Revlon Super Lustruous Lip Glosses.

Why? Three reasons!

1. High Shine
2. No-Sticky Feel
3. Great color selection (from neutrals to reds and plums)

I've tried the older type and wasn't really much of a fan. I got that from a relative from the US and I thought it was way too sticky. It's not a surprise that Revlon finally revamped it. For me, the new Revlon Super Lustrous is way better than the older version. It's a lot more moisturizing, too!

Want to know which shades to get? Here are my recommendations! Click to read more!

Kiss Me Coral

Has very visible shimmers on the tube, but only slightly noticeable on the lips. So no fear of your lips resembling like a disco ball. Against my lips, this coral shades looks really lovely. Even without a lipstick base, my lips appear to be smooth and even. The shade itself is not something I would wear with a bare face. But with a no makeup makeup look and jsut a sweep of liquid liner, I would instantly up Kiss Me Coral for that bit of color and shine.

Pango Peach

A soft peach shade with fine golden shimmers and a slight frost. The shimmers are quite noticeable but since it's gold, I like it. It compliments my warm Filipina skin tone. On top of my favorite peach and orange tone lipstick, my puckers look camera ready. This is actually a much-used shade of late since I'm loving neutral makeup looks. :)


A soft pale frost pink with rainbow shimmers. On bare lips it tones down my natural lip color. On top of pink lipsticks, it ups the color. Wearing frosted lipstick is not really my favorite but with glosses, I like it. This shade is bet paired with an intense eye makeup look or a Brigitte Bargot-inspired one.

Fuchsia Finery

A subtle fuchsia lip cream that goes on sheer on the lips. On mine, it appears pinkish when applied on bare lips. This is my favorite shade among all the shades available. The cool tone of this lipstick counter acts the redness of my face so even without a full makeup on, I can still go out looking like a normal person. I love how healthy it makes my lips look. For an everyday lippie that makes a soft statement, better go for this one. It's my favorite!

If you're curious about the swatches, I made one for you!

Kiss Me Coral | Pango Peach | Pinkissimo | Fuchsia Finery

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