Brush of the Year: SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush | 2013

Just a few more weeks before the year ends I want to make every post special... and this one truly is one of my most significant find for the year 2013.

It's SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush, Php950. A new line of brushes under Beauty & Minerals who brought us Charm Makeup brushes. As you all know, Charm brushes are very close to my heart, as they have made everything so much easier for me when I was starting out as a makeup artist and blogger. I can't tell you enough how easily they have made me improve my skills.

This time however, I see Soffia, Opulence brushes has taken the stage for me. The luxe, the love and the passion for each brushes were very visible.

And if you're like me who've been searcing for the perfect blending brush, the quest is finally over!

I have found them in the Soffia Opulence Blending Brush. And this is even an understatement.

A luxurious blending brush that is still well within the reasonable price range.

What makes this brush the perfect blending brush?

The Softest of the Bristles

Made from exquisite synthetic hair inspired by the Japanese squirrel. It's incredibly soft on the skin, glides effortlessly!

The Density

Unlike other blending brushes that tends to curl when you work the colors on to the skin, making for a messy application, the Soffia Opulence Blending Brush effectively delivers the product as you work it on to your skin for a brilliant, almost like-airbrush gradation! It grabs just the right amount of product and delievers them with either precise application or gradation, depending on the pressure you put on it.
For once, I met a brush that works with me instead of against me!

The Craftmanship

I have never held a brush with the perfect weight and length! I've had my fair share of hits and misses with expensive and cheap brushes. Soffia Opulence held up pretty well against my pricier ones and actually performed even better!

The Versatility

As much as I love luxurious products, I can never justify an expensive purchase without at least getting a few added benefits from it. Soffia Opulence exceeds these expectations and more as it delivers great application with several types of cosmetic products.

From blending the lightest to the darkest of shadows, to working on a concealer (of any type, cream or liquid) on to the under eyes. It also does well on applying highlights and even contour! Yes, you can use this to slim down your nose line!

I can't stress enough how important tools are in creating a makeup look and I'm talking about makeup brushes here! It makes a world of a difference when you're using the proper tool to perfect a look. Even the most skilled of makeup artist can't seem to achieve flawless finish without relying on a good makeup brush set. That's why when people ask me how to apply an eyeshadow with more than two shades, I point imediately to a good blending brush. It's all you'll ever need. Seriously.

This time around, I'm making a beeline towards the latest Soffia Opulence Blending Brush

And that is why this brush deserves to be called Brush of the Year for Year 2013 on Shen's Addiction!

What makes this brush extra special? It's conceptualized by a beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur Sophia Uy, who have never failed to inspire us with her every brush collection. 

Find Soffia Opulence Brushes at Beauty and Minerals Online Store, Digital Traincase, PureBeauty and SOFA Retail Lab

For more information about Soffia Opulence, visit their facebook page.

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