Happy News and New Life Role

If you've been wondering what's keeping me away from writing on this blog and sharing with you some awesome beauty stuff... Well, at first, I thought that my lethargic, nauseous state was just brought on by PMS... But as days went by that my period failed to make an appearance, I knew there was something going on inside my body that is far from what it has experienced in the past.

I suspected that I might be
pregnant... But given that I've failed on that front for the past 3 years, I thought that my period could just be delayed. I didn't want to assume. Afraid that one of these days, my period will come.

A few days more and I knew I had to take a home test. Just to be sure. Watsons proved to be helpful with all the pregnancy test kits on display. No need to ask the staff for it. I grabbed Blue Cross pregnancy test kit. One that you wouldn't need a pipet or urine cup. It's a simple pee-on-a-stick device. It took only seconds to show the result...

Two bold stripes appeared effortlessly! I called the boyfriend to let him know and he couldn't suppress his excitement! I went ahead and told my cousin, Ericka, and my dear friend, Nikki. It was a moment I wanted to share. But with Nikki who has gone through the same thing, I wanted some assurance. She gave them to me wholeheartedly!!

I called Clinica Manila at SM Hypermart for their next OB schedule. By 1pm, I was at their waiting room... When I saw Dra. M, I immediately told her that I suspected that I might be pregnant. She asked me when was my last period, how I was feeling the past few days and checked up what up with my baby-making parts. All led to her to confirm my assumption that I am indeed pregnant. She ordered for me to take blood tests, fasting blood sugar, Hep B screening and a Transvaginal Sonography.

I had the TVS done at Clinica Manila, too. Thank God they had an OBGYN Sonologist coming in that day. Dra. D did the procedure and as the device flashed what's up in my uterus... I teared up. She confirmed that I am indeed pregnant. About 5  to 6 weeks by the look of it... All doubts, fears just fell out of the window. They disappeared.. I am going to be a mommy!

On October 1, 2013.... I welcomed a very good news. One that we've been praying for for a very long time. I thought that I won't be able to have kids... I thought my body isn't functioning right and I was near to a point of getting fertility treatments. Decision to take on freelance job is also brought on by the fact I wanted more time to take care of myself to prepare for pregnancy. I didn't realize that I was pregnant during those times!

I know it is too early to announce it... But I am claiming it already! I am going to have a baby!

Now I'm dealing with a lot of things. The dizziness, nausea, the constant fear of vomiting and that awful taste I have in my mouth every time I eat anything. It's a miracle I can keep anything down.

I'm also dealing with choosing healthier meals, eating more fruits and veggies and of course more good protein in my diet. I've been advised by Dra. M to take Clusivol OB. I didn't know they have those. And of course, folic acid was also advised to be taken for the next 30 days. So far, that was it. I was advice to drink more fluids, make healthier food choices and get enough rest. :)

I already started with shopping some food even though I don't feel like eating anything at all! Citrus are also great for early pregnancy I read. Under my cart I bought fish and chicken. The crackers are for times I feel nauseous. I also got ProMamma by Wyeth for calcium. :)

How can one be so happy and excited while on the verge of throwing up and feeling as if her world is spinning as she types this blog post? :) I really feel blessed despite the haywire hormonal changes in my body. I just wish I can do my best for this baby.. I want to be the best mom for him or her. :)

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