OOTD | Mint Obssessed

Incorporating my crazy obsession with the shade mint, into my outfit.

If you've been seeing a lot of teal and mint, there's a reason. Fashion and design are motivated by the color of the year. For 2013, it's emerald. But I guess, many of us didn't want so much of the darkness of emerald and leaned towards more on the livelier shades.

I, for one, love love love the shades of aquamarines, teals and mints.. It was only this year that I realized how heavily influenced my choices were by these shades. In my decor and accessories... But I never owned anything so minty. :)

So when I saw the mint blazer and flowy top at SM (both on separate occasions) I grabbed them and went straight to the counter.

Blazer: Betty; Top: Redhead; Skirt: Weekender; Belt: SM Accessories; Shoes: Parisian; Bag: Parisian; Accessories: Watsons and Forever 21

I know it's overwhelming to wear almost one shade all at once. And som people don't like matchy-matchy outfits. But as long as you feel good about what you're wearing, who cares? Right now, I'm enjoying the fact that I get to be closer to the color that I love. And after watching so many episodes of My Crazy Obsessions, I think I'm still okay!

It's not like I'm painting my walls the same shade.... Hmmm.. now that's an idea! :) LOL!

To break the overall mint shade, I paired this look with one of my favorite find this year, a colorful silk skirt. This whole look is very comfy which makes it all the more fun to wear. :)

Have you been crazy obsessed with a certain color? :) Let me know!

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