The Makeup Look | A Quick Bridal Eye Makeup Tutorial

Isn't every girl's dream to be a bride someday?

But we didn't realize what work was needed in order to look fabulous on your wedding day. Seeing my cousin get ready for hers, the planning she did and the countless details she had to deal with, I became a proud ate. She looked gloriously gorgeous on her wedding day and she made me realize that happily ever after do exist.

But not all of us can afford a morning of pampering, a makeup artist nor a grand wedding. Rather we make do with what  we have and make sure that our big day is the day that you'll always remember. And for those who want to squish a penny or two, do your own makeup instead. Afraid to take chances? Why? Kate Middleton did it! If a future queen can do it, then so can you!

So I created this quick and easy bridal makeup look for that aspiring penny-saving bride. The steps are shorter and will guarantee you a flawless look. And you'll still look like you, only that you've become a radiant bride! And this look won't take forever to do! :)

Notice that I didn't use a mascara or eyeliner but opted for false lashes instead. That's cause one trick to make your eyes pop are with more lashes. What's also great is that it saves you from mascara and eyeliner streaks in case you can hold your tears. False lashes application will take a few practice but it's definitely worth it. Personally, I don't plan on using mascara on my own wedding day. :)

If you're unsure with what color your eye makeup should be, stop second guessing yourself and go for purples. It has a way of brightening the eyes and eliminating the dullness of the skin. The color is flattering for most skin colors and not that hard to work with. My choice is definitely the Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Palette. But you can go for browns and beige, too. 

The reality is that the splurge isn't what the day special for a bride... it's the fact that at the end of the aisle, you will finally become a wife to man who will promise to love and care for you forever.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Palette is now available at the counters. :)

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