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High time I get my hardworking Nikon 5100 a new neck strap. But this time I'm not settling for the typical ones. I want something that will reflect my personality, something that has character. So I searched the internet and found some cool ones from Pixel Pro. 

They've got designs for the pickiest, most kikay and classy photography enthusiasts. I love the printed straps as well as those made in leather. I can't wait to see them in stores! And just look at the ones that has cushion. It looks too comfy!

I loved the new Cam In Camera straps they have now, I just had to share them with you. :) And just before you start asking (because I know you'll want them same as I do), I also included the prices! Yey!

1875 | Php1300
I could see this strap on my dad. It's classic, manly and has that Marlboro vibe. :)

2242 | Php1700

And so is this! Just look at that beautiful leather! I drool!

7105 | Php940

Girls and women alike wouldn't mind these designs. :)
For more designs, read the rest of the entry.
7109 | Php940

7114 | Php940

7118 | Php940

7134 | Php940
This is what I'm planning to get. Isn't it pretty? Wouldn't mind lugging a bulky cam to event with these straps.

8174 | Php820
Hipster much? But in the right way!

1857 | Php940
Neon has a place for those who got an eye for photography. I just know that my neon-fiend friend would love this. :)

1202A | Php940

1203-A | Php940
This is another strap I'm planning on getting. It's classic and I do love me some brown!

1213A | Php940

1805 | Php1088

2770 | Php1300
Should I own a vintage cam, this is so going to be the strap. :)

2864 | Php1700
This, too!

258 | Php820
I'm torn since this strap looks so colorful and I do love color. :)

8605 | Php980

8672 | Php820

8677-1 | Php1059
And so is this! Love!

8758B95 | Php940
And red for luck!

What do you think I should get?

If you want to these babies in person, visit Pixel Pro at the following stores

Megamall 625-6672
V-Mall Greenhills 726-9387
Parkmall Cebu 032-4209155
Conso Cebu 32-4234430

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