New Addiction | Yanis Marshall Youtube Videos

I have to thank our Groups Manager, Cha, for showing me this video of Yanis Marshall last Friday.

Photo grabbed from Yani Marchall Google+ Page
I am seriously amazed (and jealous!) with how good he can dance in heels! I really wish I could attend his classes in Paris. He teaches street dance to kids and adults and want I want to try the High Heels Class! I enjoyed his videos so much that I started to practice dancing again (after sooo many years) and contemplating on attending Studio 116 dance classes in Makati!

And this is the dance I want to learn SOOOOO DESPERATELY!!! I'm a-I'm a- A Diva! 

Watch more of his vids on Youtube!

Looks like I'm reuniting with an old love... dancing! :)

What hobbies did you stop doing years ago that you want to rediscover now?

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