OOTD: Petite, Plus Size and Loving It!

Dressing up for my body had been a struggle. Especially when I started to gain weight. I admit that it took a toll on me and my confidence was quite affected. But I soon realized that only I can take myself out of that dump. So, I started to look at things positively. I didn't want to lose myself because of my insecurities. Seriously, no hate words can ruin what I've built and I'm pretty strong despite my size. :)

So, join me in saying.."Bring it on! Nothing phases me! I'm beautiful and I love my life!" (insert fireworks here!)

Now how do I get to this point exactly?

The trick is to embrace who you are. If you feel you don't deserve to look good just because you're on the plus size, then you're wrong. Here are few tips that makes me enjoy dressing up for my fabulous size! Read more and find out... :)

1. Embrace the size increase.

Don't feel bad you're getting the medium or large sizes from the rack. You just simply have to get over it and get on to the fun part.. shopping! I forgot how fun shopping was because I was so scared with how much I changed. It was stupid of me to limit myself to baggy clothes and unflattering hues.

2. Flatter your curves.

Plus size ladies like me do have curves, mind you. I like choosing dresses that cuts in the waist to emphasize the waistline. Similar to the dress I'm wearing here.

3. Short and Sweet

Not too short of a hemline, that is. Being petite and chubby can be a challenge. Make sure the hemline is above the knee to give that illusion of longer legs. Thank God that SM Ladies' Wear have a lot of choices and that they have alteration areas to resolve too long of a skirt or dress. That's what I did after purchasing this dress and I love how it fits me now!

4. Show off your best features.

I have nice legs (see, I try to appreciate what I have.) and it's really slim, making me look slimmer than I look. Thanks to the fashion editor I met who told me this trick and complimented me on how small my ankles are and should show it off.

5. Keep your skin tone even

There's nothing like darkened knees and elbows to cut you shorter. I do hate seeing girls with dark knees like they've been crawling instead of walking. This cuts your height further making you look a lot smaller than you really are. So keep those trauma areas even and smooth by exfoliating, toning and moisturizing them often.

6. Opt for Curls

There's nothing like curls to help you look slimmer! Nothing like big bouncy curls to make your face appear tinier. :)

Dress: SM Ladies' Fashion (Philosophy, Php899.75); Blazer: SM Ladies' Fashion (Redhead, Php699.75); Shoes; Forever 21

bracelets: I made them myself.

Keep accessories to a minimum. Especially when your dress is already printed. If you have shorter neck like I do, opt for studs instead of dangling earrings. :) 

I'm not a fashionista but I do love to wear something fasyon once in a while. I like colors as much as the next girl (and as evidenced by my choices in eye shadows). And this dress is exactly that! I fell for the print as soon as I saw it. And it was only Php899.75! Of course I had to buy it! If you feel uncomfortable with your arms (like I sometimes do), opt for a blazer. SM department stores has a lot of blazer available and the price is just right! I got this fuchsia blazer for only Php699.75.

If you're on a tight budget, head on over to SM Department Store for some really fashionable, affordable plus size choices!

When was the last time you enjoyed shopping? :)

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