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Are you a soap person? If you are then you should try Mir & Ryvi Organic Bath Soaps. I've had these babies since last year and I didn't realize that I haven't blogged about them when I love them so much that I used up these products they sent last year in succesion.

There's nothing like using a bath soap that can double as a facial soap as well depending on your skin care concerns. And honestly, you can only get that from an organic or naturally made product. Case in point, Mir and Ryvi. A brand that wants to bring affordable products with the highest quality in skin care. The name alone was enough for me to get interested. Mir and Ryvi means peace and river which to me feels like they are one and goes with the flow of nature. Nice, right? 

Going back to basics is something not many brands can easily pull off but Mir and Ryvi have done flawlessly by sourcing their products with care and dedication. Although I am not an all-organics girl, I appreciate the effort of a brand to bring us back to nature. Especially now that we're saturated with brands who brings scientific innovations at a daily basis.

What's great is that the people of Mir and Ryvi tries to give us options to target a specific skin care concern.

Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap Skin Lightening Beauty Bar

Their Papaya Soap helps lighten the skin and reduces dullness with carefully chosen and sourced ingredients from here and abroad much like your typical whitening papaya soap from mass-produced brands. Sans the chemicals associated with it. 

The're the Papaya enzyme, which you all know is a lightening agent but also an effective exfoliator. There is also Mulberry extract proven to help inhibit tyrosinase in our skin that cause melanin production. Combined with Vitamin B3, another lightening ingredient and the almost-always-present Vitamin E, this soap is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to skin lightening.

Personally, I like the feel and scent of the soap. Lightening might take a while with this compared to your regular papaya soap but it does the job in maintaining my fair skin as well as keeping it clean and soft.

Mir and Ryvi Tomato Soap Acne-Cleansing Bar

Tomato Soap is definitely a sensitive and acne-prone person's dream. Tomatoes are naturally good, it contains lycopene to help add glow to the skin and it's a also a natural anti-septic. It also an anti-oxidant to slow down skin aging. I down a glass of tomato juice when ever I can and my body can feel the change. So does the effects of this soap. My skin is very much problematic and I prefer to use this soap for my face. But on occasion I suffer from bacne, this is a must-use.

Mir and Ryvi's tomato soap contains ECOCERT anti-acne ingredients that helps improve the skin's texture as well as help heel acne. Like most natural products, patience is the key when seeing the results as our skin adjusts slowly from converting to a more simpler product. Add to that this also contains Vitamin B3, you are not only helping your skin heal from acne but also help slowly lighten the scars associated with pimples.

Mir and Ryvi Banana Soap Spot Lightening Beauty Bar

The Banana Soap is a must especially now that I'm nearing my 30's and I still deal with dark spots. The perfect blend of lightening and anti-aging, thanks to the banana (organic at that) that contains high levels of Vitamin A, B, C. I noticed that my dark spots, caused both by acne and sun exposure slowly lightened.

Coupled with Acerola, Cupuacu Butter along with more Vitamin A and E, this Banana Soap can help with reviving the skin's youthful feel. Personally, I'm not even after the anti-aging, the mere fact that this soap is extremely moisturizing, my face and body thanks me every time I use it given how soft and supple it feels after use. I even get to skip my lotion after bathing. Although it's not advisable for those with extremely dry skin.

This is an ideal gift for banana lovers as well as moms, aunts and anyone who is anti-aging enthusiast.

The bar in itself has one of the best integrity out of all the organic soaps I've tried. Honest enough to say that they use a minute amount of preservatives to help prevent molds and decay, Mir and Ryvi still manage to keep their bath soaps safe for use for anyone at any age.

It lathers well, too. Not the same as your regular soap, especially for their banana variant, but I do feel clean and moisturized after using it. Having managed to create 3 variants that tackles the most common skin issues, the brand has certainly made a mark in the community. Add to that Mir and Ryvi is proudly homegrown. And it's distributed by Beauty Bar, a store widely known for offering the best in cosmetics and skin care.

If you are in the organic path, Mir and Ryvi is definitely one of the brands that you should look up.

For more information, visit Mir and Ryvi at www.mirandryvi.com/. Add them on facebook for more testimonials on their products and follow them on twitter for tips and news.

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