Za Total Hydration BB Cream UV White and Perfect-Fit Two-Way Foundation | Review

Great news, loves! Za Cosmetics is back! And it's coming to us pink and lovely!

Za Cosmetics promises to bring what is naturally beautiful in us. And I got a chance to try a few of them and see if it's the Za I knew 10 years ago!

Nope! Not at all. If anything, the Za in my vanity now is so much better than what it was a decade ago! It's pink but not screaming girly and their products fit forr most Filipinas.

First two on the queue of products I got to try are the Total Hydration BB Cream UV White and Perfect-FIt Two-Way Foundation. Take a loook at my before and after photos.

I suffer from redness, pigmentation, acne and oiliness. Typical Filipina skin problems, right? If you're wondering, I barely used any concealer in covering my acne scars here and I was quite impressed with the coverage of the two-way foundation.

Za's most powerful whitening BB Cream provides good coverage and even oil control properties. Unfortunately not enough for my skin's oiliness. At a typical rate, my oiliness creeps in minutes from foundation application and this baby didn't stand a chance. The good thing however is that it evens out my skin tone and reduces the need for me to use concealers. For a BB Cream, I'm impressed with this one.

And despite m skin's oiliness I welcomed the hydration as my skin feels tighter in the morning due tto my acne meds. The shade is lighter on my skin but I didnt see it as a hindrance. After all, BB Creams do come in lighterr shades.

How I apply a lighter shade of BB Cream?

I use it as highlighter! :) I apply it on the parts of my face where the sun hits it naturally and on the parts where I turn red the most. That's cheeks, nose andd chin. (see photo below)

I, then, start to blend it outward with a flattop brush. If you've got huge zits, work your way around it. Don't press the brush on to a cystic reddish acne to avoid further inflamming it.

Set the BB crea with a compact powder or loose powder to keep it in pace and reduce oiliness.

Some people get by with just BB Cream as it acts like a moisturizer, too. If you're lucky enough to be a part of this group, don't forget lending color to your cheeks. You can opt to use a cheektint instead of a powder blush for a more natural look.

My favorite from all the three that I got to try is the Perfect-Fit Two-way Foundation in OC20. It's definitely the best Za product! I'm in love with the coverage. 

Even with my skin peeling from my acne medication, this compact provides me with a look of freshness I thought only happens with high-end cosmetics. It effecctively hides m skin's imperfections and it melds wel with my blush.

It sets the BB Cream perfectly and further reduces the need for me to use concealer. Best of all, it controls oiliness up to 2 to 3 hours! :) A great feat hurdled if you ask me.
I see Za as a no-frills kind of cosmetic brand. It's very straight forward and simple. Something I think that many Filipinas would appreciate given tht many of us still prefer the radiant au naturrelle look. Za addresses and at the same time indulges that need with products that are multi-tasking. They believe that you don't need so much in order to look great and feel great.

If you're looking for makeup that will help you lighten acne marks, maintain your skin's fairrness and easy to use, then o might jst tthem all in Za Cosmetics.

Did you know that Za Cosmetics got it's name because they have products from a-z to draw out women's potential to become more radiant? How cool is that? :)

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