Summer Styling with Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Just when I thought I'm too insecure... I surprise myself again with finally creating this look for the Vaseline Summer Skin + Style Lookbook Promo. Read on how I summoned the courage to flaunt my skin..

I can be candid when I want to. I'm to used to laughing at myself. Say demeaning things like I'm fat, my legs are like a chicken's and voted mostly to be a Hobbit on Halloween. But not today. Today, I feel good. Okay, I look hot! Hot as the Summer sun, I am! :)

Today I can say to myseld "Guuurrl! You look gorgeous!" Not that the vanity is taking over me but I'm pleased with how I see myself right now. I'm not exactly at the best weight for my height, nor do I have the fairest complexion....but damn, can I work it! (double snap!)

Right on time, too, for Summer! I can't believe how confident I've become in baring my skin this season, wearing not only brighter clothes but also those that compliments and hugs my figure... yes, that includes  lace shorts, summer dresses and sleeveless made with softer and more flowy fabrics. 

And not getting scared of tanning or having my skin damaged by the harsh UV rays, is indeed a breakthrough for me this season. But this year I feel like I've missed out on trying newer things. Thinking that I can't pull it off. Like wearing this kind of ensemble and finally creating a look book of my own!

But as the proverbial beauty blogger that I am, I summoned the courage to try it but not forgetting that I need to protect my skin!

This Summer there's Vaseline Healthy White with SPF24 caring for my skin daily. This 3-in-1 lotion has proven to be effective in keeping my skin properly protected from the harsh sun, keeps my skin moisturized and also maintain my skin's fairly fair complexion.

I work in BGC, an area that barely has sheds and I walk a few blocks during lunch time with the sun bearing down on me. I don't care for umbrellas, so I try to make sure I don't skip the sunblock. Knowing how SPF works, I keep a small tube of Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 in my desk drawer and reapply in a few minutes before heading out to my favorite restaurant or meeting up with my friends for lunch.

But considering I spend more hours inside the office, I love how this lotion keeps my soft despite the blasting coldness of the office air conditioner.

Protecting your skin is the easiest way to keep yourself looking young, feeling good and definitely more beautiful. And with the right products, you barely need to make an effort.

I seriously can't believe I just falunted  my legs for the world to see! Lol! Yes, I finally gave in. I'm going to enjoy it and right this moment, I am preparing to head out to Boracay and enjoy a leisurely time under the sun! :)

So, girls! Time to get out of hiding, We don't have to sacrifice to enjoy the great blue skies and the sunny weather just cause we're afraid to tan or look older than our age. Today, we have fun!

Dare to flaunt your gorgeous skin?

Go ahead and join the SUMMER SKIN + STYLE: The Vaseline Lookbook Promo!

Share your prettiest summer fashion looks to Vaseline and get a chance to win amazing prizes such as iPad Minis, Forever 21 Gift Certificates and a Boracay Getaway Trip for 4! Visit the Vaseline Facebook Page for more details and follow @VaselinePH on Instagram.

Here's a peg on how to arrange your photos for your entry.

I encourage you to join this fun promo Vaseline specially prepared for girls like you, who like me, is coming out of their shells and seeing yourserlf in a more positive light. Had I not been encouraged by friend, I would not have through this and would have just stayed inside. It doesn't have to be professionally taken, most phones now have better resolution and you can even play around with the setting.

What's important is that you keep your skin protected with a product that understand what your skin needs. Yes, that's Vaseline Healthy White SPF24! what I think all Filipinas should have in their vanities and their bags, too!

So, my dear readers, start sending you entry and please don't forget to tag me on instagram, too! (@shensaddiction.

For more detailed mechanics of the promo, please visit Vaseline on Facebook and their Instagram.

Happy Summer!!

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