Tech Tuesday: iPad Mini or iPad 4?

Blame my childhood and exposure to a lot of tech gadgets thanks to my male cousins and my dad that I tend to want (and often buy) the latest gadgets. Specifically those that Apple rolls out.

And why not when Steve Jobs clearly revolutionized the way we interact using our pointer finger sliding and pressing the smooth glass screens of their creations.

And can you imagive the progress they’ve had since? From iPod to iPad! Wow! And because Apple is making faster and easier for us to do things online, telcos has to catch up with us!

At work or at play, I want to be online 24/7 365. And that’s exactly what I will be now that Smart just released their brand spanking new SMARTLTE Ipad Plans!

The tough decision comes to choosing if I’ll get the iPad Mini or iPad 4.

Girls says that I should go for iPad Mini. It’s more light and handy (and every bit of an iPad) The boys, however, prods me with the gorgeous retina display and speed! Choosing a foundation is soo much easier! Seriously!

Thank God a fellow iPad crazed friend loaned me her iPad Mini to get the feel of it. It was love that I was hooked! But the experience wasn’t complete til I got to a hold of the SMART LTE Prepaid Sim to try.

And lookee! Fast internet as I travel on the road! Got to watch 2 youtube videos without any lag as the taxi driver battle with the EDSA traffic! That’s connection progress. A far cry from what I enjoyed in my 3G connection.

Here's my "feeling like a tech blogger-mode video. Forgive me, I am a frustrated tech blogger. :)

Now I'm more convenienced to get a a new iPad just so I can be on LTE! Spending most of my days hauled up at work (with no youtube access! Argh!) I need to get my beauty guru fix on an iPad. And since I've had this, I tell you, it’s way faster than our internet in the office. Crazy, right? But that’s LTE for you, baby.

So, C’mon... help me out! iPad Mini or The New iPad?

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