Style Up Those Banana Peel Flip-Flops | Neons, Golds and Brights

Happy weekend, ladies! It's Saturday and I'm on my way to Tagaytay at this point.. or probably running late for my niece's birthday party. But either way, weekend is for chilling and relaxing. Time to put those heels away... hand me my flip-flops please!

I'm more content with plain shirt and shorts and a pair of flipflops. Although I do try to dress up once in awhile, I don't always feel so comfortable in them. I always look forward to wearing my slippers the moment I step back into my car or the minute I get home.

But flip-flops has gone a long way since my childhood days. Now it has become a statement, a fashion piece that everyone now makes a reason to wear instead of hiding them from prying eyes. And though we always want the more expensive ones, as Pinoys, we go and look for something a bit similar but nothing that would break the bank. After all, most of us will still reason... "Tsinelas lang yan, hindi kailangang mahal." (It's just slippers. It shouldn't be so expensive.)

That's where Banana Peel came in. Which I first noticed back in 2005. When everyone was clamoring for the more expensive flipflops, They came in to cater to those who want vibrant slippers without breaking the bank. It came in wide array of designs for both men and women, child and adult alike. I remember getting a white and pink design in Robinson's Metroeast in my early 20's.

Now though, Banana Peel has upped it's ante. With endorsers like John Lloyd Cruz and Maja Salvador, their designs have taken a stylish turn. Updated with the trends, Banana Peel has recently launched their Hiccups, Marigold and Status Quo Duo designs that translates today's fashion. From the unabashed neons, to csophisticated sunny shades and bright hues.

Banana Peel certainly has come a long way... leaving behind a lot of Banana Peel tracks. :)

Take a look at some of their new flip-flops designs :)

Hiccups are inspired by the neon fluo trend. What better way to dress up this already too loud shade that with neon colors as well from the new Neon collection from BYS Cosmetics, a neon wayfarer-inspired sunglasses, neon arm candies (GWP from BYS and gift from a brand). Play with your pet with a cute neon chew toy. Most of all, don't forget sunblock. Some extremely effective similar to Heliocare.

I knew immediately how to style Marigold flipflops. It did look so right for partying in Wave Bar at Boracay Regency Resort, don't you think so? Great for evening parties, pair this flip flops with gold accessories from SM Accessories. For your makeup, keep is even and smooth with the new Clinique CC Cream. Make your lips pop amidst the midas touch with Estee Lauder PureColor Fuchsia Fever, contour those sunkissed cheeks with The Body Shop's Baked Bronzer, Keep your hair soft and shiny with L'oreal Mytic Oil.. and if the bling isn't enough, paint on some BYS Glitter For Nails Bling It On!

I think men could benefit from all these brights, too. So for the Status Quo Duo design, I decided to style it with men in mind. If some men are brave enough to wear pink, orange is no different. And so does the neon green wayfarer inspired glasses (GWP from BYS). But that's it! I wouldn't  imagine any man wearing more! But even men needs to hence the Nivea Lip Balm and the Artic Freeze Shave Gel for the cool feel. Men do care how they look and of course the way they smell, my reco is the Zenzest Body Spray in Rush. It has a fresh masculine musky scent that reminds me of active sports like surfing and wakeboarding.

I had fun beauty styling these flip flops. :) After all, we fun loving island people have all the excuse in the world to wear comfy flops all-year round! :)

You can find your Banana Peel at your favorite department store nationwide!

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