My New Favorite Pair of Shoes

Who ever invested or got the idea to create wedge shoes, I owe whatever sliver of style I have from you! And to the lovable designer of Ferretti shoes (one from the Philippines!) thanks for having fabulous designs that I make excuses to wear almost everyday because it's so comfy!

From the array of wedges available at Ferretti last Holiday season, I was just naturally drawn to this one, Chace wedge. The shade is just too lovely to just let it sit on the shelf. And I do love the sort-of Aztec print on the heel.

And it matches almost everything in my closet! It's love... best of all, it's only Php1,499!

On my list next,

Sabrina! Isn't she lovely, too?

Get to know more about Ferretti and their wonderful shoe collection at!

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  1. JennyAustria25/1/13 8:16 PM

    i lvoe wedges too :) that is the only sandals with heels that i can wear :))


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