Lip Swatches of BYS Longwear Lipstick Collection | Beautifully Bare, In love, Tango, Heart Broken

As requested, here are photos of me wearing the BYS Longwear Lipstick I posted last Monday! :)

I would put up with a mediocre packaging if my lipstick looks good as this and don't cost an arm and a leg.
Am I right or am I right? :)

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  1. CharryReyes24/1/13 11:16 AM

    wow this is nice! will definitely try this one. ;)

  2. you get dumped by your bf and your "friends" talk shit behind your back coz you havent lost the weight, who wants a fat friend or gf?

  3. Hi Shen, I love the shade "In Love" on you.. :)

  4. i love their matte foundie and blushes!:) u should try those too!:)


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