YumYum: Amici Via City Delivery | Hassle-free Foodgasm in my PJ's

Just how efficient City Delivery was?

Very! I wanted to surprise the BF with a pre-birthday lunch on the Saturday just before his birthday. We both work very hard during the weekends and I just know that he won't have the energy to throw a party when he gets the chance. So, what does a loving girlfriend do? Get him some of his Italian favorites at Amici! :)

With the number of restaurants on the list that City Delivery caters to, I was tempted to go for a restaurant I wanted instead of devoting this order to the boyfriend. I honestly am not a big fan of Italian but the BF is just love anything  so I just went for it. Amici it is.

I first made my order online. just before the long weekend, October 31, 2012. I chose the advance order so I didn't have to bother myself with ordering (and I wanted to keep it a surprise). I ordered BF's fave Lasagna and Mozzarrela Sticks. I got also the Raviolli (my favorite Italian pasta ever) and Avocado ice cream. I wanted to get the Sanzrival cake for Ron but it wasn't available on the online menu.

When City Delivery Sally (I think), called to confirm my orders, I just went ahead and asked if I could exchange some of my order for the Sans rival Cake and guess what, she said it was okay! Phew! That was a relief! I also asked if they can personalize the cake for and include a message and a candle. Happily, they obliged. :)

And you know what, I was able to surprise R! :) He didn't know that his favorite food will be served for lunch! A perfect way to start our weekend. :)

I honestly thought that I will have a hard time ordering. It was really easy. And quite satisfying as all the food from Amici tasted really good. Not the best but I was definitely happy with each food I ordered, especially the Sans rival and Mozzarella Sticks. I recommend this if you're craving for good food!

And these deliciousness arrived on time, just before lunchtime what I specified.

Dessert: Sans rival - Php580

My favorite cake ever! I might have been partial ordering this one since the BF prefers chocolate better, but hey!Relationship is a compromise right? Hehehe! :) Sans rival from Amici/CaraMia tastes good, not too sweet.. just right.

Anti Pasti: Mozzarella Fritto - Php150

This appetizer is amazing! Anything with cheese and deep-friend is sure to be on top of my food list. I'm not big on Italian food but I just had to have cheese sticks whenever I get a chance to order from said cuisine. 

Pasta: Lasagne Al Forno - Php195

I didn't get a taste of this but the BF loved it so much so I think this will be on our next order. :) Although I think he would have liked it thicker though. BF is used to overwhelmingly big lasagna and this looked similar to a fast food chain lasagna.

Pizza: Tutta Carne - Php290 

Anything with pepperoni, I love! Even if it's just a few slices. The Tutta Carne consists of Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni. It's definitely their meat lover pizza and I loved this. I was craving for pizza like crazy and I was just happy that I got this. I love my pizza meaty and this one was a fave!

Will always love seeing the Amici logo. :)


As much as people think I'm a social butterfly, I really like staying at home in my PJ's or pambahay. As much as I like to put my face on and wear some of my colorful clothes, I look forward to days I'm just in bed with my puppies and the BF catching up on our favorite shows or reading a good book. And who would want to cook? I surely don't. And those fastfood can get tiring sometimes. So for special occasions like this one or just for days I think I deserve to some food loving, I sure won't think twice about ordering from City Delivery again.

Yes, it is expensive. Spent around 1,800 for all of these (with the extra km). I forgot to tip the rider (booboo on my part). But all-in-all, it was a hassle-free experience. Something I would try again. Perhaps for the Holidays!

Was your weekend as yummy as mine? :)

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  1. have you tried Amici's Salto Con Zuppa? It's really good ^^



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