Reader Question: Tips When Attending Events

I received an e-mail asking to write about how to act when going to an event. Let's call her T. T is a blogger and have been invited to a few events but after a cyber bullying/stalking incident that did quite a number on her confidence, she now can't find the courage to attend any, unsure how she will be perceived.

I can't claim to be "good" at attending events, I mean I'm just trying to be myself whenever I do. I try not to be intimidated by the number of beauty/fashion editors I see nor starstruck by celebrities and foreign guests. Most of all, I try to have a good time, immerse myself for a while in all the splendor of what is happening.

I don't claim to be the person who does everything on the list, but having worked for public relations and marketing, here are a few tips I can give in attending events. :)
  • RSVP - Respond as soon as you can or before attending event. Once you receive an e-mail or once you've assured you can attend, e-mail or text the person who invited you. PR/Brands allocate seats, kits, and gifts for most attendees. Intimate or big one, an RSVP helps a lot in having a smooth flow of event.

  • Don't be super late - an event (especially a big one, usually start an hour late), but just to be sure, be there one time. If not, inform the contact person of the event that you will be late.

  • Dress accordingly - you don't need to dress to the nines but usually an invite will include an attire that you need to adhere to. The way you dress will set the tone on how you carry yourself. I use to attend events wearing just jeans and plain ol' tees. Since I started working and thanks to ukay-ukay and tiangge's, I've invested in pieces that are timeless and can go from day to night, casual to formal events

    • Little Black Dress - I got one for Php300 at Tiendesitas. made of cotton and comfy to wear.
    • Nude pumps/wedge - this partners a lot of outfit. I got mine at so So! Fab for Php1299 (use BDJ discount if you want to lessen the amount)
    • Blazer - Php600 at tiangge's - This I find makes a casual attire to business casual.
    • colored stretch pants or skirts - Php400 to 600 a pair at tiangges
    • Plain white tees - Php100 to 400 at tiangges, a basic that will be forever a classic.
  • At the event:
    • Look for the one who invited you or register before entering the event place - this also helps with the tracking of the number of people and you want to personally thank the one who invited you to the event, get to know him or her, too. Tell her how surprised you are for the invite and that you've always been a fan of the brand (if only you are). Let him or her introduce you to people. A good PR will do this!
    • Smile when you're in eye contact with anyone - if it's your first time to attend events, you don't necessarily need to make friends. But it wouldn't hurt to smile once in awhile.
    • Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to the person sitting behind you. This is how I meet new friends at events most of the time. Keep everything positive and inspired. No need to act differently. It's just like the first day of school orientation.
    • Wait for your Press Kit to be given - DON'T ASK if there are samples or products for you. Ask only for a CD or a written article. The jobs of PR and brands are to make sure there's a token of appreciation for all press invites. If there is none, that only means that there isn't. Don't feel bad. That's how events are.
    • Take Pictures (it's practically required for us bloggers) -  Compared to traditional media, we take our own photos. Oftentimes, brands expect us to take them ourselves but they will always provide you with photos anyway. If you notice that there are number of people taking photos, go ahead. Wait your turn, always always be polite and have fun taking pics.

  • When attending events, think of how you will present it to your blog.
    • Are you focusing only about the event? The products? or both? Do you want to feature the spokesperson, guest artist, the celebrities or the experts? That's entirely up to you! Just make sure you have just enough photos you can use for your blog. If not, you can always e-mail the brand to provide you with what you need. :)

Take photos of the products

Take photos of what's happening

Take photos of the experience

Take photos of the happenings and of fellow bloggers

Take photos of the food (if you really need/want to)

Take photos of the host

Take photos of the artists of the one who introduced you to the brand

Take photos of the star of the event. You can take photos of the brand manager, too!

 Always take photos of the products!
  • Don't be afraid to ask photos with celebrities and special guests. They are there for reason and most of them are very nice and would allow a photo with you or just them alone. :)
  • Be polite, smile, make friends. But most of all, enjoy! You're now one of the press!
    • And to be frank, most press don't really interact that much at events, they focus their energy in taking notes about the event. :)
    • It's important to feel confident, but at the same time maintain a sweet disposition. just be yourself... :)
  • Events aren't always about interactions, it's about the event! :) It's about the product launching or the new brand ambassador or the efforts of the people who made the event happen. Interactions I feel just makes an event a lot more fun that it is. So don't feel bad if you don't make friends the first time, just involve yourself on the event, think of how you will write about it.
  • Oh! And before you leave, bid goodbye to the one who invited you or the brand manager. Don't just leave immediately.
I've been lucky to have had friends in the blogging world when I received my first invite ever, I had Nikki and Phoebe (Sophie and Brigitte couldn't attend due to work) who were there to make the experience a lot less intimidating.

Attending events have always been a fun thing to do for this blog. I see a lot of friends, meet new and interesting people and learn so much about the products that I really admire. If you're alone and nobody is talking to you or bothering to befriend you, it's alright. :) It doesn't make you a lesser person. You're there because the brand thinks that your blog is a great avenue to feature their product. They recognize your skills and your influence. 

That already means you're far greater than the insecurities you have.

Most events now have bloggers. Look for them and introduce yourself. I hardly met a blogger that wasn't nice. Most of them are warm and very friendly. :) Blogging for me is already a reward, attending events, getting products to feature and review is the sweetest cherry on top... Meeting new people and them becoming real good friends, now that's truly indescribable. I can't even believe that once in my life, I didn't blog at all. Now I can't live without it.

First event I ever went to! Sophie invited me along with Brigitte and Phoebe. :)

K Palette Event with Angela, Brigitte, Jamie and I

Events can be daunting, yes. But it's an opportunity and a place that you can be yourself. A beauty event for example allows me to be all up and crazy about the products. That's what I write about after all. I can ask what it's about, share experience and compare it to other products I've tried from the same brand or just drink up the knowledge. So just take it easy and don't overthink it.

GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS, T! And to everyone who got their first invite! :)

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