New York State of Mind: Kiehl's Opens in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

I remember the first time I was introduced to Kiehl's. I saw it in a US Magazine and there I saw one of it's store opening in New York. The no nonsense packaging immediately caught my eyes. When people tell that when brands like Kiehl's gets acquired by a big beauty comglomerate that they lose their identity, I beg to differ. Kiehl's for years now have maintained it character and quality... best yet is that Kiehl's now have an opportunity to expand in other countries.

Take for example here in the Philippines. When women before would wait for a friend or a relative to buy them the cult favorite Lip Balm, anybody could easily acquire one now give  the number of boutiques they now have here in Manila.

Quite recently, opened yet another botique. bigger and larger than the one in Greenbelt 5, the design has a touch of whimsy. Thanks to the inspiration of Coney Island, New York, Kiehl's boutique in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell evokes fun to balance out the seriousness of its products.

I was lucky enough o grace the event along with fellow beauty bloggers and magazine editors. It was nice seeing friends from Kiehl's again midst all the popcorn, candies, chips and cupcakes. There was a DIY canvass bag, photobooth, jazz musicians and a quirky mime.

Take a closer look at the event, I took photos using my trusty iPhone 4. :)

Kiehl's is famous for their musk fragrance and this time around they want to offer more for their clientele. Known for being meticulous and focused on the needs of everyone who walks in Kiehl's, they created four new scents. Introducing Aromaticblends, a unique take on inspired by different parts of the world. Orange Flower and Lychee from Morocoo, Nashi Blossom and Pink grapefruit from Japan, Fig Leaf and Sage from South of France (my favorite) and lastly, Vanilla and Cedarwood from the exotic land of Uganda.

Of course, there is still the iconic products that made Kiehl's a household name. :)

Their Rare Earth line and Midnight Recovery concentrate are their best-sellers here in the Philippines. Rare Earth for it's clarifying properties while Midnight Recovery Concentrate is great for those who wants to start the fighting the signs of aging.

Clearly Collective Dark Spot Corrector is my on wishlist for Christmas. :)

The moving Statue of Liberty made this experience more interactive. :)

Mikking Galang and Marth Sta. Barbara at the Canvass Bag DIY section

Glad to see Nikki again!:) That's her hubby Keith on the left and Tara on the right.

Sophie, Jheng and Angela

With pretty beauty blogger, Brigitte, Sophie and Angela.

Gogeous people were abundant during the launch.

Lovely and super accomodating Kiehl's team made my shopping experience a lot more fun.

When was the last time you visited Kiehl's? What your fav ortie Kiehl's product. Let me, comment below.

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