The Everyday Eye Makeup | Made Easy

Another tutorial for you, ladies.

Yes, it's okay to wear eye makeup everyday especially if your profession requires you to do so. I, myself, don't recommend it. It could be tiring to keep removing them at night and it's important to let your skin breathe once in awhile. But the point of this tutorial is to help you out on how to make it easy for you to do eye makeup on yourselves without fear you'll take too much time or you'll look like a clown. :)

What you'll need:

1. Brown eye shadow (preferably one that is two shades darker than your skintone). It should be imitate how shadow rest on your eyes.
2. Beige eye shadow (shimmer or matte will do), it should be a shade  lighter than your skin tone to brighten your eyes.
3. White shimmer eyeshadow (to lighten the inner corner of your eyes)
4. Eye liner (eye pencil, liquid or gel, any will do)
5. Eye Curler
6. Mascara

Step 1: Apply brown eye shadow to deepen the crease.
Step 2: Apply the beige eyeshadow on to lids.
Step 3: Brighten the eyes with white shimmering eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes.
Step 4: With the dark eye shadow, apply it on the lower lash line.
Step 5: Apply  the liquid liner as thin as possible and as close to the lower lash line for a natural look.
Step 6: Curl lashes as usual
Step 7: Apply highlight shade to the brow (you can use your beige eyeshadow or mix it with the white shimmering shadow)/
Step 8: Enhance water line with an eye pencil
Step 9: Coat both upper and lower lashes with mascara to lengthen and volumize it.

And you're done! :)
This is a flattering look that will take you from day to night and you just have to change your lipstick.
It will take time to do this in just few minutes, but with practice I assume that you'll get better and better that you'll hardly feel yourself exerting any effort at all. :)

Remember that makeup is all about creating illusions. Giving your face an added boost so you'll feel more confident.
Products I used:

The Body Shop Lash Curler

1. Easily determine the eye's crease by gently placing the pad of your ring fingers and feel the space between your eyeballs and your brow bones. Place the darker shadow there. Spread with a crease blending brush if needed.
2. Start with darker shadow first before placing the lighter ones to not overshadow it.
3. Curl lashes to prep it better for mascara.
4. Apply mascara on your lower lashes to open up the eyes.

I hope this tutorial helps you out and encourages you to try this look! :)

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