Win A Chroma Straight Hair Makeover from L'oreal Professionnel and Shen's Addiction

Happy Easter, Ladies!!

The world's leading brand for salons, L'oreal Professionel, brings you yet another innovation...


It's a 2-in-1 straightening and gloss treatment exclusively done in salons. This makes use of two of the most advanced technologies created by Recherche Avanceé L’Oréal – X-TENSO MOISTURIST for rebonding/relaxing and the reinvented DIALIGHT for tone-on-tone coloration.

Filipinas are known for their long silky black hair and nothing touches it unless it is the best treatments. I've spent a lot of time in salons to know that Pinays do not take their hair for granted.

L'oreal Professionel recognizes this and wants to give one deserving Pinay through this blog, Shen's Addiction, a hair makeover using their latest treatment, Chroma-Straight.

It's easy to join!

  1. Answer this question: Why do you need a makeover?
  2. Send us a photo of yourself! (email this to
  3. Follow me on Twitter (@shensaddiction and RT "win a #chromastraightmakeover from @shensaddiction. visit and find out how."
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  5. On the comment box below, jot down your:
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  6. Your email should match with the one you used to send your photo.
  7. One entry per person
  8. Open only to the residents of the Metro Manila.
Contest will run from April 8 to May 9, 2012!

Winner will get a
FREE hair Makeover using Chroma Straight service, to be done in one of the partner salons of L'oreal Professionnel!

Photos shared for this giveaway and those to be taken during and after the makeover will be shared here and for press release of L'oreal Professionnel.

That's it!

Have a fabulous Easter!

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  1. Margaret Gomez8/4/12 3:47 PM

    Answer:  I need a makeover because I'm a fresh graduate and I need to change my looks from simple conservative "pacute" girl to a fierce looking lady so when I apply to work they can sense some professionalism because of my appearance and so that I can boost my self-confidence with pride.

    Name : Margaret Christine D. GomezEmail: mcdgomez25@gmail.comTwitter name: @mcdgomez25Facebook name: Margaret Christine Doronio Gomez

  2. Why do I need a hair make-over. 
    My hair is always frizzy and most parlor said that it's natural. I want to have a much straighter hair especially during this hot summer.
    Name   :  Margaret S. Chan
    email   :
    FB         :  Margaret Chan
    twitter : compromise88


  3. Chynah Marie Monzon8/4/12 9:18 PM

    Answer: I need a makeover because my hair has been looking dry these days. It has also been a long time since my last rebond/ I think it was still 2010. My hair is straight but it's kind of "buhaghag". A Chroma Straight Makeover would really help to bring back to life my poor hair.
    Name: Chynah Marie MonzonE-mail: cmmonzon@gmail.comTwitter Name: @chynahtown Facebook Name: Chynah Marie Monzon

  4. Answer: My hair looks okay but i need something fabulous for my graduation on May 14. For me, hair is an important asset of a woman.Name: Eloisa CoEmail: eloisaco20@gmail.comTwitter name: eloisa_co20Facebook name:  Kikaysimaria,

  5. Andy Cuevas8/4/12 11:19 PM

    Answer: I need a makeover to get my confidence back. Before, I had a really long black hair but because of my impulsiveness I had a haircut which I regretted for months now... my hair turned out dry, dull and boring. The only time I can let it down is after shower but most of the time I need to have it in pony tail or a bun. So everyday at work I'm just sporting the same boring look. I'm also wearing an eyeglass which make me look even more "manang". So I hope you and L'oreal Professionel can grant my wish :)Name: Krisanne Cuevas BunyiEmail: anne.bunyi@hotmail.comTwitter name: @fragileanneFacebook name: Krisanne Bunyi

  6. Answer: 
    I badly needed a makeover because I believe being poor doesn't necessarily mean being ugly.  But that's the reality of life. Of course, If you only have what is budgeted for the family to eat, to pay bills, etc., that you wouldn't mind being in the safe mode as I am always in.Name: Precious Ann AriasEmail: mmhai_precious@yahoo.comTwitter name: @TseToyou Facebook name: Precious Ann Arias

  7. Answer:  My hair is naturally wavy and "buhaghag". I really envy those lucky ladies have really straight and shiny hair. It was almost 2 years that I had my hair rebonded. I'm really looking forward with this makeover because L'oreal is definitely the best when it comes to hair treatment!!!:)

    name: jennyffer snow
    twitter name: @snow1829 
    fb name: jenny snow

  8. Mariellafran11/4/12 9:54 PM

    I need a makeover because I will be my sister's bridesmaid on her wedding on May 26. I plan to let my hair down because I love how Ann Curtis look on her L'oreal Shampoo commercial--bouncy voluminous straight hair. I have a long black thick hair but lacks volume. 

  9. Mariellafran11/4/12 9:55 PM

    I need a makeover because I will be my sister's bridesmaid on her wedding on May 26. I plan to let my hair down because I love how Ann Curtis look on her L'oreal Shampoo commercial--bouncy voluminous straight hair. I have a long black thick hair but lacks volume. 
    Marielle R. Francisco
    mariellafrangmail .com
    Facebook name: Marielle Romano-Francisco

  10. angelamhiere12/4/12 9:03 PM

    Answer: I need a makeover because I feel like I need to make a few changes in my life. I've been married for almost 7 months now. I want to start the change with my hair. You know, new life, new hair! =D 

    Being a homebased English Teacher doesn't mean that you can't look good. In fact, it is a big reason why I have to look good. To tell you the truth, students are motivated to learn and participate in class. Been there, done that. Of course, when they  are enthusiastic in class, it becomes a source of strength and energy for me, too! ^__^

    I also need a little break from all the things that I'm thinking about. Lately, I feel depressed and sorry for myself. I feel like I've been locked up in the house for a long time and hubby and I have not gone out on dates like before. Also, I feel depressed because I feel like my life is not moving forward as it is supposed to be. I guess I am all too engrossed at my work and thinking of things that I want to happen in the future. I want to accomplish a lot of things but I feel like I have little time. I need encouragement! I need a source of strength! I need a boost of confidence!

    I want to be pampered and feel like a princess even for only a day! I hope you could help me, Ms. Shen... ^__^

    P.S: About my hair: My hair hasn't been rebonded before. I am dying to try and get my hair rebonded but I want a professional do it because I'm scared of rebonding boo-boos from local salons. What I do with my hair is I just tie it in a bun. =D

    Name: Angelica P. Aragon-Manalata
    Twitter name: @Angelamhiere
    Facebook name: Angel Aragon-Manalata

  11. Arra Jurado16/4/12 4:02 AM

    Answer: There are only three things that I need to pretty up myself: (Red) Lipstick, a nice skin and a beautiful hair. But too bad for me, I can only afford the lipstick. Haha.I've been battling a bad skin condition for a long time now, and it's so frustrating when you have this "buhaghag" and dry hair at the same time. Some of the people who are close to me and my boyfriend were telling me that I'm not grooming myself anymore and their no. 1 complaint aside from my skin is my  hair. And even though I'm now achieving the low-maintenance look, I know that getting the hair treatment will add some confidence to this once-girly girl that I am. :)Name: Arleen JuradoEmail : arra.jurado@gmail.comTwitter name: @arrajurado Facebook name: Arra Jurado

  12. Answer:  I need a make over because I've been a mess lately! Been working too hard I guess, that I have forgotten to check how's my hair doing.Name: Alcris AgnoEmail: ohmycrissy@yahoo.comTwitter name: @gorgeouskringFacebook name: kring de leon

  13. Answer-I want my wife to look pretty after she gives birth to our baby.Name-Allan ReyesEmail-maryjanepineda@gmail.comTwitter name-@allanoreyesFacebook name-Allan Reyes

  14. Maria Christina Paigna23/4/12 3:13 PM

    Answer : I have been a SAHM (stay at home mom) for almost 6 years. I am jobless and a dependent to my parents. I have gone through a separation with my husband. So besides from the stress I am getting from taking care of my kids. I have to go through depression from the separation. Normally, when I am at home, I just try to pull my hair back with a pony tail or make a hair bun. I have never tried rebonding yet and my pictures will prove how much my hair is a mess. I tried  DIY hairdying with a Dark Red Blond dye which made my hair look worst. My hair is a perfect example of a BAD HAIR DAY. HMM, no i think it is a Bad Hair Years.. Why? because my hair is so dull, frizzy, unmanageable and looks untidy. Now, I am in the process of healing and moving on and I was hoping through your on-line giveaway/contest with the help of L'oreal Professionnel, you could be a part of my transformation.. not only in the physical aspect but also to my whole being. I know this will be a memorable experience to anyone that will win this contest. God bless you Ms. Shen and to L'oreal :)Name MARIA CHRISTINA GUMATAYEmail istin_21@yahoo.comTwitter name istin21Facebook name Istin Dizon Paigna

  15. 1. As a saying goes that hair is our crowning glory therefore it should be well maintained and essential for me to look good. I definitely need a makeover because I believe that every transformation brings about its advantages such as increase in self-esteem that may lead to my self-assurance, realization of my personal worth and leads to being more productive and greater chances of attaining every goal that I set forth.
    2. Meann A. Espiritu
    4. Twitter: @MeannEspiritu
    5. Facebook: Meann Espiritu

  16. Why do you need a makeover? Answer: I want to surprise my hubby on my new look & I don't have enough money for thisName: Lida Lee - GutierrezEmail: lisac_272003@yahoo.comTwitter name: SiowarmaFacebook name: Bodz Gutierrez

  17. Answer: I need a makeover because I want to bring back my hair to its former glory, especially now that I'm growing it out again (where the weather in our country is not helping to make this easier). I used to have long, straight and healthy hair when I was a child. Looking youthful and glowing is something I'm aiming for (and I'm always mistaken a lot younger than my age).Name: Demi Barbra AngelesEmail: dems.angeles@gmail.comTwitter name: @mishidems Facebook name: Dems Angeles (

  18. Answer: I deserve to have a chroma straight makeover because I've always had a bad hair since birth.  No choice that I always ponytail it everyday even if it is still not yet dry.  I remember a story why my hair got kinky when I was 2 years old.  The stylist who curled my teenage sister that time played and also curled my hair with "gamot" so it became kinky forever.  It always irritates me to lay down my hair because beside the fact that its kinky, it is also thick and has split ends.  If you can see my photos, my hair is always ponytailed.  It has also became one of my insecurities and inferiority. I believe that  a girl who flaunt a soft, smooth and straight hair could never go wrong in her life.  I always feel that a good hair sets a good mood in connection to what a person is doing.  It also adds up to a girl's image.  I want to win this makeover because I simply wanted to have a peace of mind because I want to be carefree about my hair.  It would be a dream come true because to freed my hair from ponytail is like to freed my mind.  It always caused me headache and dizziness when I ponytail it even if it's wet.  I want to feel like a REAL girl like everybody else does.  No more rebonding, irons and other expensive treatments for me when I win this chroma straight hair makeover.  Hope I get picked.  I've been waiting my hair to grow again and it would be fulfilling to see if I can have it beautifully done for free. I will be working soon and I hope to find myself ready with a new straight hair.Name: ANN VILLE PURIFICACIONEmail: shiro_anne7@yahoo.comTwitter name: @anne13rchyFacebook name: Ann Ville Purificacion

  19. Arra Jurado28/4/12 1:24 AM

    sweet :">

  20. 1. i've been having a bad hair day all my life. dont know what to do with my hair anymore. 
    2. Jamaica Rose Cagalawan
    3. boordeengmail .com
    4. @boordeen 
    5. Maica Bernad Cagalawan

  21. Justine_with_an_e_081/5/12 11:41 AM

    As a nurse, I always have to look my best when dealing with patients and hospital staff. A sick man is bound to cooperate and smile more in front of a pretty nurse. Ironically, being a nurse isn't all pretty! There are lots of patients to take care of and tens of doctors/nurses/co-workers to deal with. Sobrang nakaka-Haggardo Versoza! Every day is a huge juggling act and I always have to look good despite all the hospital heat and drama. Because of the action-packed life that I lead, I don't have time to take care of my hair; just put it in a bun and done! I really want to look nice not just for my work but also as a gift to myself. Sadly, I don't have the courage, time and money to try out new styles even though my hair is in real need of a major overhaul. I'm crossing my fingers so that you and L'oreal can make my hopes come true! Thanks and more power!

    Justine Allana Laure
    Justine Allana Laure

  22. My hair really need a makeover and I want to look good on my birthday this coming  june.Ria Villarealiyay21@gmail.comiyay_21Ria Villa Real

  23. My hair really need a makeover and I want to look good on my birthday this coming  june.Ria Villareal
    Twitter: iyay_21
    Facebook: Ria Villa Real

  24. Chie Amuluki1/5/12 8:37 PM

    I hope its ok to be completely candid. =)  My hair has been a source of much misery and insecurity.  Born with coarse, frizzy hair, I saved my allowance and tried hairstraightening when I was in grade 7--back in 1988.  Unfortunately, I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be blowdried so after a haircut and the mother of all blowdries, my short hair was burned to a crisp, wiry, weird mess.  Being shy, I was teased to tears everyday!  Though it traumatized and killed my confidence that time, God has helped me recover  which is why I can talk about it now. =)  But still, straight, shiny and--most of all--manageable hair continues to be my working dream.  Believe me when I say L'Oreal has been an answered prayer to me (& my daughter) many times over.  =)
    Name:  Chie Acosta
    Twitter:  AmuLukiChie
    Facebook:  Michelle AmberLuke Litiatco Acosta

  25. Maria Christina Paigna2/5/12 7:53 PM

    my comment is missing... :(


  27. Maymaysherina3/5/12 12:13 PM

     Answer: I am a 31-year old teacher with 3 kids. Had a gynecological operation last January 23. After,                   I felt and looked older.  I really need a makeover. Name     Sherina MaymayEmail      maymaysherina@yahoo.comTwitter name  Sherina HMFacebook name Sherina Hernandez-Maymay

  28. ANSWER: My friend always bullied me because of my hair since elementary and I get used to it na. Pero Lage talaga nawawala ung confidence ko everytime na pinaguusapan ang hair. And also I dont have money to go to salon, I cant afford. At ngayon college na ko, pangarap ko pa ring magkaroon ng straight hair since my hairis so curly, frizzy at Puro Patay, sabi ng a ng mga classmate ko, lahat daw ng hair ko patay. Sana manalo ako dito. (Hoping.) 

    Mary Joy M. Puno 
    Facebook name : maryjoympuno  

  29. Chie Amuluki3/5/12 11:49 PM

    oh, the email address should be =)

  30. pinay only? rawrr. :) just kidding. :) hope you guys have one for the men too. :)

  31. Answer:
    School work is simply one of the best sources of stress and since I'm a scholar, college paper editor and org member, stress manifests in my physical appearance. Aside from my face which constantly needs touch-ups, my hair also screams for hairbrush and serum most of the time. Because I'm too busy reading handouts and editing articles, I resort to tying my hair into a messy bun (the I'm-too-busy-to-care type, not the messy-but-sexy one). Now it's all wavy and frizzy and this makeover's going to be a huge help for my dull tresses. I'm also thinking of having my hair rebonded for weeks now, but I'm very critical when it comes to choosing a salon (because I have virgin hair -- when it comes to major hair treatments at least, like rebonding and coloring).
    Lastly, your girl right here wants to look fierce and independent this coming semester. Goodbye blah hair days, hello hotness :)

    Name: Ma. Gladys Repollo
    Email: glossysmooch_67@yahoo .com
    Twitter: Ma. Gladys Repollo
    Facebook: Ma. Gladys Repollo

  32. My hair is the last thing I cared about. I have it rebonded last year but now I don't have the cash to have it rebonded again. It's really dry and frizzy even if I use shampoo and conditioner everyday and have it treated only once a month. It's summer and I'm just a student with no allowance or extra cash to spend. I can't go out without having it ponytail and I wanted something new for my hair. When it its rebonded it will look dry and flat but if it is not, it will look dry and frizzy. Actually, I don't know what to do with my hair. I've tried to take care of it and I'm close to giving up. My big rounded face is not fit for my dry and frizzy hair or curls. As my mother said, it would make my face look bigger and rounder. I hope I could win this giveaway. I also wished to see you in personal because I love your reviews and tutorials.   You proved that an average woman can look gorgeous and fabulous everyday. Anyway, thank you and God bless Miss Shen. I'm not giving up in joining giveaways because I believe that someday luck will laugh at my side. 

    Name: Hazel Grace Bellen 
    email address: bhazelgrace@yahoo .com
    twitter account: Hbellen

  33. I forgot to include my FB account, my FB name is Hazel Grace Bellen 

  34. Answer:I want a makeover because I believe Its a great help to get over my broken heart. I want to feel good about myself.Name:Ricalyn SicadEmail:ricalynsicad@yahoo.comTwitter name:@rsicadFacebook name
    RiCalyn Sicad

  35. Answer: I NEED a makeover because I barely pamper myself and I've never undergone a hair transformation before--as in never been dyed, cut into a drastic style, etc.! Having a hectic, irregular, and sleepless schedule, the stress has took a toll on my hair by making it fine, limp, frizzy, and faded from stress and sun exposure. I hope to win this prize so that I can simplify my life by not having to worry about my hair anymore and I can confidently dash around, since now that it's revived and well-taken cared of no matter the situation!  I hope to win this so that I can show to others the fantastic results Loreal Chroma can do to my hair and I would love to spend a day with one of my favorite beauty bloggers! =)

    Name: Gail TeEmail: stuckkneedeep@yahoo.comTwitter name: zeerzoidFacebook name: Gail Te

  36. Janice Que9/5/12 2:11 AM

    ANSWER: I would love to give my mom a hair makeover as a surprise gift this Mother's Day. She will definitely love to have one and this will make her feel so special and happy as well. One of the reasons why I want to give her a makeover is because her hair is already dry and frizzy and wavy as well due to frequent coloring and aging. I sincerely want to make her feel like a queen after the makeover. Thank you! :)

    NAME: Janice Que
    EMAIL: janiceregina_que@yahoo
    Twitter: @heyitsjaja
    FB: Janice Que

  37. Answer: Unfortunately, I was born with very curly and frizzy hair so when hair straightening got famous around 7 yrs ago, I grabbed the chance to have it done once a year or when I think already need to. I have been wearing the same hairstyle (long and straight without volume) for a long time now. However, late last year, I had an epiphany and just told myself to have my hair grow without doing treatments to see what my natural hair will look like. I really thought I could handle my hair but I was wrong. I like seeing my curly hair, but combining it with frizz, it just doesn't look nice at all so because of this I occasionally use my flat iron to fix my hair. But then it just got too tiring for me and I gave up on my hair making me settle to tying it right after taking a bath or putting it on a bun (which is not flattering for my face shape at all). So for the past months..I have the same dull and boring look and I hate it. I badly badly need a hair makeover especially now that i'm graduating from college soon. I wanna look in the mirror and see a new me. I wanna wear a new hairdo that I can be proud of. As I step into the real world, I wanna be able to mature physically along with maturing emotionally , intellectually and socially..
    Name: Gidjette ArguellesEmail:
    Twitter: hellogidjette
    Facebook: Gidjette Arguelles

  38. Answer: I will finally leave my school and start to live as a career woman this May. My graduation is on May 11, i would love to have a straight hair on that day but i can't afford because graduation fees are high. So i will just settle for my current hair and have it ironed. But i want to have a straight and beautiful hair when i start to work. I really believe that new hair, new look and new life. As I am entering another chapter in my life, i want to begin the chapter with beauty and positivity and i think everything will start if i will have a new hair and new look. :)

    Name: Angelyn Jolo
    Email: a.jolo(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Twitter name: einghielisangel
    Facebook name: Angelyn Legaspi Jolo

  39. I need a makeover because I have been born with a naturally wavy hair. As a kid, I always envy those hair commercial models who have naturally straight hair and I'm wondering what would I look like if I have naturally straight hair. I'm pretty sure that I'll be more beautiful is what I always say to myself. And until now, I still fancy those dreams. Honestly, my hair had undergone hairstraightening process a few times when I'm still single. I'm quite disappointed with the result because my hair looks like a broom when it's dry that's why I would really love to try the chroma straight thing. But since I became a mom, my kid's needs come first. And besides I'll be turning 35 on May 13th, who wouldn't want to look good on her special day? This would be an awesome birthday treat for myself as a stay at home mom.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
    Elinor Semira


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