Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review | Win Advanced Night Repair For You or Your Loved One

I'm welcoming April with a fabulous contest!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (aka ANR) is one of the most luxurious item in my vanity. It's been keeping my skin soft and supple for months now. I can't even begin to tell you much I love this!

Clear skin after weeks of using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
The 30 years of innovation gives all women of all ethnicity exactly what they are looking for. But I will deliver you from the scientific mumbo-jumbo words and just tell you how amazing I find this product.

Ever since I started using Advanced Night Repair, I noticed that my skin have always kept improving. Although I would still get hormonal breakouts that lead me to stop using this for a time, I would always go back to it once my skin have tamed down. Waking up in the morning with smooth even skin had always been a joy for me.

Estee Lauder believe we have beautiful skin to begin with. But the lack of proper care, it suffers and is  more prone to looking aged than it normally does. The idea behind Advanced Night Repair is actually in its name. It's helps repair the skin from all the damage of outside aggressors that it has experienced.

I didn't really believe it at first but when you go for the best, it gives you the best. My skin has improved dramatically. Surprisingly, even if I have oily skin, this doesn't exaggerate it. And though it didn't lessen it, I find it didn't clog my pores either. Rather, I find this to be a good alternative to my moisturizer (ladies with dry skin should still use moisturizer). I didn't break out at all with this product and my skin looks rested (save for my eyes though.)

Fact is, our body is made of 99% water. That is why we need to drink water regularly to as our body needs it. Advanced Night Repair helps absorb moisture well into skin which makes it more soft and supple. ANR acts as a welcoming bridge for moisture to go into our skin.

Just try it!
On the back of your left hand, apply ANR and wait til your skin absorbs it. Spray water on it and watch how the water forms. Spray the other hand without ANR and see how the water moves away from your hand. This show ANR helps retain the moisture on to our skin.
The reason why this works so well for everyone was because this serum is made to mimic our skin's natural process of healing. The best part about this is that is it also prevents further skin damage.

I honestly thought that my skin was too young for something like Advanced Night Repair. Apparently, it isn't! I use this day and night and when I feel my skin is acting out. A little goes long way, two or three drops is enough. Now, I just can't live without it!

Just imagine how fabulous and radiant your skin will be if you have Advanced Night Repair in your vanity, too!

And I'm giving a chance to win it for yourself or for a loved one.

Here's how to join:

Answer this question in the comment box below: 
"Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?" 
You're free to includes photos if you want. 
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Contest will run until April 31 2012. 
*Winners will be announced one week after. Open only to Philippine residents. Winner will be notified via blog post and email. Winner will collect the prize at specific place. Open nationwide but winners outside Metro Manila will handle shipping. Prize unclaimed for 30 days will be forfeited.


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  1. Rosanna Concepcion4/4/12 5:25 PM

    "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?" Wow! my mom will love 64 she's really worried about her skin and by reading your review i'm sure this product is perfect for her. I love to see her with a fabulous and radiant skin too. I also wish this for her b-day in May.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    rosanna concepcion
    FB: rosanna concepcion
    Twitter: rodawin 

  2. enirehtak_134/4/12 5:32 PM

    Hi Shen!

    My sister and I need Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair to reciprocate your experience! :) We have oily skin too and I want to have e softer and rejuvenated skin in prep for my sister's wedding! I think she needs it more than I need. haha Not that she have a terrible skin! 

    Katherine L. Co
    Facebook: Katherine Co
    Twitter: Stylestat
    Email :

  3. Angeleen Mendoza4/4/12 6:44 PM

    "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"
    I was lucky enough to try this product as a sample and I can certainly agree with you that this is really one amazing product even for oily skin women like us! I only used on the night before a special day, and it never fails to give radiant looking skin the next day. It really work wonders to your skin. I did not use mine regularly as I only got the sample bottle, and the first time I tried it, I experienced its miracle work! That was why I was trying to save it only for special occasions. :)

    And I want my friend who is getting married soon to experience its work of wonders so she'll have glowing skin on her wedding day - perfect wedding present!

    Angeleen Mendoza
    Twitter: @anj_mendoza

  4. "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"
    I have tried joining a couple of blog with the same contest prize, unluckily I didn't win. When I saw this I got excited again , kasi may chance na ulet .. and now not just me but with my loved one pa. 
    I have been together with my Tay for more than a year now... He at 39 and Me at 37 now... we are dreading in some way a few more years of hitting the big 40! There are times at night before we crash our nightly routine is apply those pampaganda/pang kikay on our face... moisturizing is the key!  In reality visible pores and lines are very prominent (we are really aging) and I believe with this product it will help restore the the softness and subtle feeling of an adult skin. I am excited and more excited for Him in case we will win.

    Photo inserted was taken exactly a year ago (Holy Wednesday 2011 at SBMA Boardwalk Area), our 1st Holy Week together. 

  5. LizMercado4/4/12 7:37 PM

    "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"I've always had problems with my skin. It's either too dry or too oily that I tend to get dermatitis attacks from time to time, especially during months when the air is dry. My sister shares the same problem. Sometimes our face are both oily and dry at the same time. I think Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair may just help me and my sister keep our skin problem at bay. 
    Elizabeth Mercado
    FB: Elizabeth MercadoTwitter: lizmercadomdemail:

  6. Jheng_medina4/4/12 8:17 PM

     "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"  I love to try this product since its Estee Lauder! my mom and i are both oily skin i'd like to experience soft and radiant skin like yours and I love to add  Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair in my skin regimen.

    Virginia Medina
    FB: jheng Medina
    Twitter: @jhengtaba

  7. Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex? I love to try this product after reading your post. it looks so promising. And i want to share this with mom so we can both experience a smoother and healthier skin.

  8. Babydette32385/4/12 11:34 AM

    "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"
    Gusto ko magkaroon ang mama ko nito para maboost self confidence nya at mafeel nya na at her age she is the most beautiful woman on earth and if i win it will be a advanced mothers day gift from me. And i believe this product will really help my mom have soft and radiant skin.

    Name: Maria Bernadette Carlos
    Facebook: Maria Bernadette Carlos
    Twitter: @babydette

  9. I want my father to have one because he is endlessly complaining and looking at the mirror all the time :) I bought him lots of stuff to boost his self esteem :) He likes to have wrinkle free skin but we all know that won't happen anymore. But this bottle may help improve his skin even just a little :)

    leilani sonza
    FB: leilani sonza
    twitter: lilaec

  10. The Beauty Junkee5/4/12 10:26 PM

    Hi Shen!

    I joined three blog contests who gave away the same thing, but luck was pretty elusive! Anyway, I'm giving it another shot. :)

    I'd like to answer for both people: myself and my mom


    Let me take it to a more inspiring level. I have been attending this spiritual group for quite sometime now, and most of its core members are moms. And every time I attend the session, I would always get comments from the mom members like:
    “Wow! You’re skin is so beautiful! How I wish my skin is like yours.”“Kaya naman pala inlove na inlove si BF! Ang ganda kasi ng balat mo!”“How I wish my daughter’s skin is like yours. She’s troubled by her not-so-nice skin eh. Maybe you could give her tips since you’re into beauty.”
    And then one day, I felt more compelled than ever to maintain and retain my beautiful skin. Aging is a natural process of life, but I want to be like those people who don’t look their age. Why? Because I find that having nice skin yourself inspires other people to take care of their own. And the effect of having beautiful skin will trickle down to their lives, career, confidence, and self- esteem. Honestly, I’ve been getting a few bumps and lines lately, and as overacting as it may seem, I’m a bit troubled because if I lose the skin these people have come to love and adore, how can I be an inspiration?
    One particular moment I liked is when this mom member approached me during one of our breaks and brought with her a sheet of paper and jotted down my skin care recommendations and personal beauty routines. Man, she’s that serious! But I’m happy because after a few weeks, she approached me again and she happily reported that her husband has seen an improvement in her skin texture.
    “Bumabagets daw ako!”– she exclaimed
    There was a twinkle in her eyes–a twinkle of genuine happiness that she might have dropped somewhere along her journey in her family life. I don’t personally know her, but what’s important is I felt her happiness when she was reporting her results. And I felt really happy for her because on a deeper level, her musings appeared to me as if the flame of her love life is ignited once again. She and her daughter have become avid readers of my blog.
    Vanity aside, I deserve this bottle because I want to preserve my beautiful skin (and hopefully, make it look like yours too ‘cos you have great skin.) and continue as an inspiration to other people. I may not be an artista, but at least I have the beauty to inspire; I am beautiful enough to put a smile on other people’s faces, and beautiful enough to inspire others to become the best they can be. :)
    I was strolling with my mom in the mall one time, and we came across Estee Lauder's counter. The SA was hard selling this particular product, and I backed her up and told my mom that it's a favored product by many beauty bloggers and skin savvies because it's really effective. She was at the point of buying it, but backed out when she found out the price. I asked her why she didn't buy it, given her money. She replied: "Graduation mo this April di ba? Ibibili na lang muna kita ng gift." I kinda' felt that my tears were trying to fall, but of course, I stopped it. I just realized how much my mother loves me.
    It's her birthday this coming May, and I want to surprise her with this particular bottle because I know she's been wanting to have it. I'm the 'action speaks louder than words' kind of gal, and me giving this bottle as a birthday gift to her will make her feel my love.That's all. :)

    Martha A. Sta. Barbara
    FB: Martha Sta Barbara
    Twitter: TheBeautyJunkee


    My mom is the woman I love and respect the most in the world. She was a beauty queen and a single mom who raised me and my two brothers in college without any help from anyone, so she worked like crazy even going so far as to go abroad in the country Papua New Guinea. When she came back a few months ago it broke my heart to see her once supple skin getting lots of wrinkles around her eye area and forehead. She told me the weather in PNG was very hot and dry, plus she really didn't know how to treat her skin right at that time and not to mention the stress she got from living in a foreign country. Her skin got all drained up literally. Her once plump face looked like a prune (Sorry Mom! It does :(!) I wanted to get her something good for her skin, something that would work, something real potent. I wanted to get her this 
    Advanced Night Repair serum, but I just can't afford it. She means a lot to me and the fact that she sacrificed her beauty for me and my brothers to make ends meet is  so admirable. I adore her so I want to make her skin better so she'll be the beautiful like before.  She never liked accepting gifts from me because she says I shouldn't waste my money on things for her. But this time, I really want to give this HOLY GRAIL product to her. I wasn't able to give her a gift last time coz she wasn't in the Philippines and I want this to be my belated birthday gift to her. Please help my mom Ms. Shen!

    Name: Tricia Mae Farin
    FB/Twitter: Tricia Mae Farin / @ThiswaytoTricia 

  12. I need the Estee Lauder ANR because I'm looking at my skin right now and I'm thinking --- so much to repair, hay. Since you know me very well, you know how bad I've been living and how my lifestyle has been.

    Yun lang. :) Plus parang very bongga talaga this product :)

  13. Hi Ms. Shen..

    Reading about this serum makes me really fall for it.. I wanna win this because i know it would help me to repair everything, i mean regain the youthful skin.. My big frustration in life is my uneven skintone and big eyebags. And it became worst when I started working on a graveyard shift..I always feel intimidated with my officemates because they always look gorgeous..I secretly envy them and started to look down on myself in result that I feel so ugly, and become tired on preparing myself..

    But winning this serum is not just because of me, Eversince, I share everything with my mama,..And I know it would be best to share this one to her and restore each one's confidence.  I love to make her happy in every single way..

    Thank you so much for this opportunity..Lovelots!

  14. gerilen_elinessete6/4/12 4:51 PM

    the serum, based on your experience about it looks very promising... :) i would really love to try this high end product not just for me but for my mom, ever since, her skin was dry. no pimples, acne or oiliness, just plain dry snake-like skin most especially on her forehead making her wrinkles more visible and flaky.. this would be a perfect gift for her this summer. 

    name:gerilen polonfb:gerilen elinessete
    email: gerilent .com

  15. Hi Shen, Finally after trying many times, i can now post a comment! hehehe..
    Your review is very extensive and I am sooo eager to try this. My skin is dry at times and I would like to see so0me improvements like making it more soft and radiant! And as i can see this product will be true to its word. So as a birthday gift, please have me win this! I will be celebrating my birthday on April 27. =)

  16. I forgot to add this to my comment.
    name: Katrina Aiza Villanuevafb: Keeza Villanuevatwitter:  @keezavillanuevaemail:

  17. I need this is my life because I just recently turned 21 and I found out that we should start using products that mainly prevent signs of skin aging as early as 20 years old and this product is just PERFECT. Also, I just recently graduated and I think this is the product I need to  START MY JOURNEY of becoming a career woman. I know that some people who are older than me need this more but I think na mas importante ang start ng  journey at nakadepende ang journey na yun kung ano ang mga ggamitin mo habang tinatahak mo ang daan ng buhay. I know that this product is perfect to come with me on my goal on becoming a successful accomplished and young looking woman and  I think that after another 20 years have passed my 40 year old self would love me for using this miraculous product. I don't just WANT this but I also badly NEED this. I'm just starting out yet so I don't have enough money on me and since I just graduated I try to refrain myself from asking my mom to buy this for me as I want to be more independent. I know that I could buy this eventually in the near future but it would be nice if I could have this na so that I could save up more money agad!:)

    thank you ms shen.

    Name : Giezelle Uy
    fb :Giezelle Uy
    twitter : gceecaye

  18. Wow....really nice collection. i like it. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I need this for my mom simply because she's getting older now and I want to make her stay looking young and beautiful. I want her to stay beautiful and young despite of the stress we gave her. hahaha

    wishing to win this one! :)
    Gessa Marie C
    Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino
    Momee Gee (@kenge19 )

  20. i want this for my sister. we have the same birthday, you know (last March), but we were born 5 years apart.  i think she needs this so she'd keep looking young. she even looks younger than me.  Being a single mom, my sister has been through a lot, and this has taken a toll on her skin.  The Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum would really be a great treat for her and a good reminder for her to take care of herself for her and her son (and that true love would come to her in God's special time).

    thank you!

    jannell cajote
    fb- jay arcy
    twitter - jayarcy

  21. "Why do you or a person you love need a bottle of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex?"  

    I wanted to win this Estee Lauder night repair for my mom.  She's been into the ups and downs of our life and being  a mom of three must be tough.  Now that she has her twin grandchildren to whom she shares her love and support with, I thought that she misses beautifying herself.  Thus, I wanted to give her something that will make her enjoy being a "lola" and a mother to us who loves her dearly.

    Precious Ann AriasFB: Precious Ann Arias
    Twitter: @TseToyou 
    Email: mmhai_preciousATyahooDOTcom

  22. I'd like to win this for my mom because she deserves this wonder product for being a wonder mom!  My mom has been taking care of my son whenever I'm at work ever since I got separated from my husband.  She was also the one who comforted me and listened to me during that lowest point in my life.  If not for her, I might not be able to regain myself and the confidence I had.  I would just like to win this for her as a way of saying thank you for everything she has done for me and my son.

    Name: Norissa Chavez
    FB: Issa Chavez
    Twitter: @Issachavez14 

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  24. I'd like to win this bottle for my mom. My mother is very simple and has a nice skin to begin with but with all the financial problems that she is dealing because of my father's health, she's really stressed and it shows in her skin. I want her to regain the confidence in herself and see the smile on her face. I know our situation is very hard for her and I'm the eldest among my siblings but a housewife so I can't help her financially. Maybe if I win, I can show her that I care by giving this simple gift.

    Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    FB: Katherine Rose Coronel-Rivera
    Twitter: Kathneko 

  25. Piajamarie22/4/12 2:13 AM

    Hello Shen,

    we all wear different hats all at the same time and at times it takes a toll in our everyday life without managing it properly. We all have different roles so to speak , as if we play different parts in a telenovela but hey that's just life and the purpose of life is to enjoy it. On my part, yes I wear different colors of hats and I am pertaining to mommy hat, wifey hat, daughter's hat, friend's hat, neighbor's hat and a whole lot of hats at different time and sometimes all in the same day. To be tired is human and I get tired too, and in this PAUSE moment that I need to recover to give back and be effective in my roles that I  play, ergo to love others you must love oneself and to love oneself is to take care of myself. The word recover from Estee Lauder's ANR is a paradise for the skin as it faces different people from all walks of life and this is the face that carries the hat too. The face that faces adversities, that learns from mistakes, that takes the hurt from a person or a situation... the face that needs recovery to face life more confidently... we are not superhuman, and I am no supergirl or supermom but as long as I take care of myself and others, the word super is just an icing. And if I win or not, anything will be shared as this is one mantra that I follow in my cinematic life. 

    Carpe Diem and hugs,


    name:pia jamarieFB:pieandweegeejamarietwitter:iampiejamarieEmail:piajamariegmail .com

  26. Name: Gail Te
    FB: Gail Te
    Twitter: zeerzoid
    Email: stuckkneedeep@yahoo .com
    My mother would love to need Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. She has very sensitive skin so a lot of products (both of high-end and drugstore quality) don't work for her. Her skin is also dry and sagging from old age and light exposure so I am confident that this serum's excellent research-backed claims of addressing the aging process at its core will hit the jackpot. I would love to get her this serum for her birthday (which is near Mother's Day also) since Estee Lauder is one of the few brands of skin care that is good for her. I would love to blog a before-and-after picture of her to show the results!

  27. Arra Jurado29/4/12 5:07 AM

    Name: Arleen Riviera C. Jurado
    FB: Arra Jurado
    Twitter: @arrajurado 
    Email: arra.juradogmail .com

    I want to give my mom something that I know she would love to have in her humble stash of beauty products. Since my sister and I are always away from home because of summer classes and OJT, my mom, even when we were little kids, she always does majority of  the house chores. There's nothing she can't do. She would always tell us "Marami nagpapagandang nanay dyan,pero mga anak ko muna aalagaan ko bago sarili ko ayusan ko". I know, I'm kind of getting cheesy, but I just thought of giving her something so I won't hear her asking me"anak, what's your soap?, anu nilalagay mo sa mukha mo",haha.  (it's making me upset because I could hear in her voice how much she wants to pretty up herself) anyway, my mom is in the province now and I want to surprise her. :)

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