The Body Shop 4 -Step Smokey Eyes | Golden Brown | Tips on How to Create Smoky Eyes

I'm loving the The Body Shop 4-Step Smokey Eyes. It's one of best buys this season for those who want to deviate from the  everyday makeup look. Although I still prefer the Sweet and Smoky Palette from Beauty Pro Cosmetics because of its diversity and number of eye shadows, I know some are still scared with a palette with numerous shades.

That's where this palette comes in handy! :) The steps are so easy to follow. The box this palette comes in has a diagram of steps on how to apply each eye shadows and where to place them.  And the fact that it comes with a vegan synthetic brush and eye liner pencil makes creating smoky eyes all the more easy! It's impossible to go wrong with The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Palette.

How to create a golden bronze smoky eyes fitting for the Holidays:

1. Apply the shimmery beige eye shadow (01) all over your lids up to the brow bone. This serves as your base and highlighter.
2. Apply the brown matte eye shadow (02) all over your lids up to just your crease.
3. Blend the harsh line created by the brown matte eye shadow with the shimmery bronze eye shadow (03).
4. Give your eyes some sparkle and dab a bit of the cream highlighter (04) near your tear ducts.
5. Define your eyes by applying the brown eyeliner along your water line.
6. Apply mascara liberally on your lashes to give that wide awake look.

Optional: Dab the glittery cream eye shadow all over your lid to add pizzazz on to your holiday smoky eyes.

Golden Bronze smoky eyes do compliment many Asian skin tones. From the fairest to morenas many can sport this look effectively for the holidays. Actually, we can sport this look anytime of the year!

Depending on the occasion, you can use a nude lipsticks down to the hottest of reds! Just make sure that you use a similar undertone blush same as your lipstick.

I'm eager to try out MAC Half n Half for a bit subdued smoky eyes and for night time events, MAC Rebel or Ruby Woo.

Another use for this palette is that you can use the Matte Brown Eye Shadow as Brow powder to fill in your brows! Smoky eyes is so much better with a well-defined brows!

Contouring your face is also important when doing the smoky eyes. You want your face to be dimensional and not flat. Use a nice contouring powder like The Body Shop Honey Bronze Matte Bronzers and apply highlighter like The Body Shop Radiance Highlighter to lift the highest planes of your cheeks.

Give life to your cheeks by dabbing a nice shade of blush, I prefer using peach-toned blushes for golden eye makeup look. No surprise here, I always grab my NARS Orgasm Blush as it's the perfect blush for smoky eyes for me. :)

It's important when doing smoky eyes to have a very clean dimensional face. You want to achieve smooth even application of foundation. Make sure to cover up blemishes and pigmentation. You want attention to go on to your eyes but not neglect pronouncing your cheeks and lips.

I do love taking pictures of my new makeup palettes. I like to see them in their glory just before I use them. I personally love this year's Winter Trend palette from the Body Shop. The Gold and Black combination is exactly what i want in all my palettes!

Of course, the obligatory swatches for your perusal! The Body Shop 4-Step Smoky Eyes are much more pigmented in person as all The Body eye shadows are!

Warm White Base | Dark Brown | Chocolate Brown | Golden Highlighter | Rich Brown

I can't remember exactly, but this palette is about Php1,400++. But as always, The Body Shop gives discount for LYB members! I think this palette now is just Php1,100++. :)

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Available, most definitely, at your favorite The Body Shop stores!

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