The Makeup Look: Ice Blue with Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Burning in Water | A Tutorial

Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Burning in Water Palette is probably one of the brightest and colorful eye palettes I own. It's amazingly pigmented, easy to blend and great for the coming holiday season. It's just so buttery smooth, it's unbelieavable!

My favorite would be the dark blue with the "wkw" engraved on it. Then the silvery white eye shadow which remind of Katy Perry makeup looks. So glittery and bold. Seriously, this palette can be renamed, Shen. #Iwish

Creating a simple look from this palette is easy. Here's a tutorial for everyone who wants to make use of colors like this. :)

1. Apply your favorite eyeshadow base or eyeshadow primer. I can never forget eye primer because my lids are super oily. Even with the toughest eyeshadows, my eyeshadows are nsure to crease. So, this is the first in all my makeup application. Do you use eye primer? What brand is your favorite?

2. Apply B1 shade (dark blue) all over the inner lid. Using a stiff brush like this packs on a lot of color than a regular eyeshadow brush. It's easier to pack on the color to the eyelids and make the eyeshadow pop. this one is a MAC brush (214), but you can find cheaper ones online like Coastalscents. Stila also has a similar shade. 

3. Use the light blue shade and apply all over the crease. Another MAC brush here (226) that has a precise tip for creasing creases but not too thin that it would look like you didn't blend the eyeshadow. This si one of my favorite for creating bright make up like this.

4. Use the glittery light purple shade as highlight. Here I used an Elianto eyeshadow brush to apply the highlight and it distribute the shade softly on the browbone. Then I topped off the eye makeup with the glittery white eyeshadow (B4 from the palette) for an ice effect.

5. Apply eyeliner to define the eyes. I'm in love with my Ellana slated eyeliner brush and it's been my go-to brushto apply gel liner. This brush has serious mileage in helping me create a lot of eye makeup look.

6. Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line. With the same brush and with what's left, I did the same for the lower lash line to define it.

7. Top off the eyeliner with the dark blue eyeshadow. I topped the eyeliner with the darkest and brighter shadow from the Burning in water to give the eyeliner a whimsical feel, changing it to a glittery navy blue eyeliner.

8. Curl lashes and apply mascara as usual. Don't forget to check if both lashes have the same curl.

9. Define brows per with your favorite brow pencil. I used my Majolica Majorca Brow Customize with the Sword Cut tip, makes defining brows easier with slanted tip.

The result is a blue worthy of the holidays!

For the face:

Note that with bright makeup looks, I try to apply the eye shadows first as fall outs are easier to remove when face is still bare of makeup.

1. Apply undereye concealer if you have dark undereyes. I used the Laura Mercier Undercoverpot concealer here.

2. Cover blemishes with a concealer same shade as your skin or a shade darker.

3. Apply foundation. Here I used the Shu Uemura Face Architect Mousse Foundation (one of my favorites lately). It's so easy to apply and provides the right coverage for my pimply face.

4. Set foundation with your favorite setting powder. I set mine with the Charm Duo Fibre Brush. I like this type of brush because it doesn't move my foundation that typical powder brush. Cream blushes on oily skin may not always look good. Top it off with same color blushes to the blush last longer. Cream blushes also make a great base.

5. Apply the Cream blush from the Burning in Water from the Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Palette. Fingers are okay to use for makeup application only when your hands are sanitized and if you're the only one using your makeup. If not, still best to get a spatula of use a brush.

 6. Apply the Glow on blush powder as highlight along the planes of your cheek bones. I never was a highlighter person but for the past years, I've made an exception. Highlighter are forgivable for oily skin like mine just use them sparingly and correctly. To avoid the discoball effect, I think with blending brush like the one on the photo that I purchased from Coastalscents 3 years ago.

7. Apply lipstick as usual (not shown). Bright makeup looks can be used with bright lipstick, too, if the lighting of the event is dim like a club. Avoid it if there are harsh lighting. I prefer to use the Shu Uemura Glitter Fuse lipstick here because the beige mesh well with the colorful eye makeup while the glitter infused in the lipstick ties up the whole sparkly feel I was going for.

There you have it. A simple Ice Blue Makeup Look for the holiday using the Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai Burning in Water Palette. My next is to just use the dark blue shade alone. :)

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Shu Uemura X Wong Kar Wai collection is available at all Shu Uemura counters in Rustan's Shangri-la, Makati and the Shu Uemura Boutique in Powerplant Mall.

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  1. Anthea Villanueva4/11/11 11:18 AM

    "Note that with bright makeup looks, I try to apply the eye shadows first as fall outs are easier to remove when face is still bare of makeup."

    Seriously, I feel like an idiot, I never even thought of that. =___= I always have my foundation on first thing.

    I love eyeshadow detailed tutorials! I've always wanted to try intricate eye looks, but I only ever end up using two colors in the same color family. But helpful tutorials make me think I might be able to do it for myself--I'm looking to try this eye for a holiday party.

  2. uy you use elianto brush pala. are they nice? got 2 shops here, although malayo from where i live hehe.

    very bright and stunning - loving it!

  3. Jamillacamel4/11/11 3:30 PM

    I need this palette! Love those blues!

  4. Issachavez4/11/11 5:33 PM

    I love the look sis!  very pretty! :)  I got intrigued with the Ellana eyeliner brush! Wish ko lang these Shu Uemura palettes are not expensive :(

  5. Wow, really nice!  I love the bold colors you used :)


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