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Even if I've already studied makeup artistry, read them on books and watched countless youtube cosmetic gurus, there is always something new to discover, something you want to learn and apply on yourself or on others. When I was asked why I do what I do (beauty blogging), my answers remained the same, because I love makeup. I'm in awe of it. But now that I'm immersed in the world of beauty, getting acquainted with the philosophy of each brands, I am much more interested on how each brand differs, their techniques, their take on natural beauty and their approach on creating a flawless canvass.

When Studio SnR held a workshop last October 15, 2011, I couldn't be more eager to join. The workshop was in tandem with Bobbi Brown. I'm such a big fan of her makeup philosophy, that even if I already have an idea what we were going to do I still joined the workshop.

I'm a big believer of the 10 Step Beauty Program of Bobbi Brown. It's one of the makeup tutorials  that makes a whole lot of sense for me. It's ingenious, efficient, fast and effective. But even if I know this program already, I was still eager to re-learn it. Especially that Ina Casas MArketing Brand Manager of Bobbi Brown will be the one who conduct this workshop.

Why do I love Bobbi Brown's 10 Step Beauty Program?

  1. It's fast. -- Of course at the beginning, you will still need to get use to the steps. But believe me when I say that it becomes easier as days go by.
  2. You can stop at anytime --- Ever have that experienced when your service/cab is already at your house and you are still halfway done? Well, Bobbi Brown's 10 Step Beauty, you can stop at anywhere and you can go out already looking presentable.
  3. You probably already have most of the makeup you need in your stash. -- Since Bobbi Brown's makeup philosophy is simplicity in makeup looks, you probably have some if not makeup of tools you need in the 10 Step Beauty Program. There's the underye concealer, foundation, powder makeup, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil and blush. So this eliminate you from spending so much except for some key items you need to look well-polished like concealer correcter, blemish concealer, gel liner and bronzer.
  4. It's a sure proof way of looking fabulous. -- I am not kidding when I say that you'll be loving your flawless look after doing this 10 beauty steps. As with loving how we look, confidence immediately follows and imagine what you can do with that surge of that.

Sidney Go of Studio SnR with Ina Casas and mona of Bobbi Brown Philippines.

Here, they both Sidney and Ina made the introductions that only fueled the excitement for the workshop to commence. I love that SnR does workshops like this for the benefit of the participants who want to learn an in depth knowledge of the brands they admire. For example, me with Bobbi Brown. Cosmetic sales associates at counters are helpful but with so many customers coming in, we find ourselves coming home with a makeup we only braley know how to use.

Workshop like this, held by Studio SnR, give that proper interactions and learning that a cosmetic lovers needs. I personally love the fact that I get to meet other makeup addicts who wants to learn the ropes of makeup application.

Your kit will have all the required tools you'll need.

brushes are provided by Studio SnR and are sanitized by Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner. They smell fabulous!

a freebi from Bobbi Brown! Yey!! I have a nice tavel size neutral ey and cheek palette!

Foundation Swatching is key to achieving the flawless makeup look. Despite the fact that I already know my Bobbi Brown foundation shade, they had to ensure that my skin didn't shift to any shade. good thing, it didn't. I'm still a Warm Beige shade.

Use 3 shades closest to the skin tone and the one that seem to fade on your skin is the one that matches your shade.

Bobbi Brown tip: Since our face is naturally whiter and fairer with how we protect it with sunblock and skin care, we need to match our foundation to our neck to avoid the "espasol" look. Brilliant tip, right?

Doing the undereye concealer is probably one of the most important things that this workshop has instilled in me. Which I tend to forget several times in makeup application. As we grow older, we forget that our appearance bear the results of our stress. Hence, the puffy and dark under eyes. With the help of a corrector and a shade lighter concealer.

Here is the Peach concealer (one the right), one of the products that made Bobbi Brown a sought after brand! It is a magic concealer as far as I'm concern. No dark/violet/black undereyes when this is used. And it hardly creases, too! Ahhhmazing!

I can't remember exactly when I fell in love with liquid foundation but I do remember when I fell in love with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. It was the first time I tried it here. Amazing! How it made my skin flawlessly, seemingly giving that smooth appearance I didn't know my skin had. Given that I have may blemishes to deal with, Skin Foundation has already diminished it a bit.

What to love about Bobbi Brown? All their shades are skinfit for Asian skintones. Meaning, bearing yellow tint that we all have. So you're assured that it looks natural on you.. not grayish or pinkish compared to other western brands.

Want another thing to love about Bobbi Brown? When you've already found your foundation shade, choosing the rest are easy as all their products are made to match! Even their lipsticks and blushes! Bobbi Brown is probably one of the easiest brands to choose foundation from.

With applying eye makeup, Bobbi Brown makes its easy for everyone. Most of her eye shadow are buildable so shifting from day and night. Easy, peezy.. :)

Look how fabulous Ginger looks and she's just halfway done with her makeup! Here she'll be the volunteer for the Gel Liner application.

Many of us are busy with applying the steps while some are getting one on one tutorials from the Bobbi Brown beauty experts.

I want to take these babies home!

here's a picture of me, halfway done with my makeup application. This picture is an evidence on how great this workshop with Bobbi Brown is. You could hardly notice my pimples, blemish and tired looking eyes (Ihope) and yet, I'm not yet done. :)

Studio SnR have been successfully conducting workshop for nearly a year now, teaming up with cosmetic brands and makeup artists to share their knowledge. In half a day, you will acquire more knowledge about makeup artistry than you did before stepping inside the Studio.

I can't wait for the next time I can attend another makeup workshop. There is still so much to learn!

To know more about SnR Studio Workshops, visit www.facebook.com/StudioSnR.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is available at Rustan's Shangri-la and Makati. You can also like their Facebook page so you can be updated with their latest promos and releases!

Want to know more about the Bobbi Brown 10 Step Beauty, visit my feature here.

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  1. What a fantastic event! You and I are the same foundation shade!

  2. Ang saya no???? I love attending workshops and I learned a lot from the Studio SnR x Bobbi Brown workshop!!!

  3. recently attended RMK workshop - i love it! there's Bobbi Brown workshop here too kaso wala na for the year! next year na lang hehe. you looked great sis, like born and always with the perfect complexion - you must feel like a princess!


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