Avon Fashions' Very First Premium Line | Style and Luxe from all over the World

Salon De Ning of Manila Peninsula was the perfect venue for Avon's introduction of it's latest collection where different cultures merge that evening. Avon introduced their Premium collections that consists of jewelry and bag collection inspired from the fashionable places in the world, collaborating with artists born from these countries.

Paris, New York, Mumbai and Verona... Countries that I can only wish to visit in my dreams are the inspirations for Avon Fashions' first ever Premium Line.

I have always been an Avon patron, buying many of lipstick and intimate wear from our Avon lady back in the province, I consider the brand most convenient especially for the busy moms and the busy career women. With exactly these women in mind, the collections aspire to give women the best of the world and not jsut the usual things we see in their catalogs.

I'm quite ecstatic to see this brand move higher in the design and quality scale. It only shows that with continous patronage, we can only expect more improvement from Avon.

Sarah McIntosh (first photo) provides us with a welcoming speech about the design concepts of this Premium Line. She spoke of collaboration with House of Ungaro for a parisienne inspired accessory line, dream like feel of Maria Politis who hails from New York, the magic and exoticness of Mumbai created by Shaill Javeri and of course, carefully selected quality bags inspired by fashionable women of Italy.

Much like browsing through an Avon catalog, the evening was filled with impressive things to look forward to.

Ruffa Guiterrez, an Avon's endorser hosted the rest of the event.

Every after collection, we were entertained by these two talented designer who interpreted each collection through a symphony of dances.

Alyanna Martinez

Uber Fasyon Ram De Vera of F.A.S.H.
Laureen Uy

Loving the clothes paried with jewelries and bags

More of the runway show...

Phoebe and Liz lounging at the ultra luxe chairs of Salon de Ning.

Me at the event. Thanks to P for this photo!
Will show more of the collection with upcoming posts as I know that the jewelry and bags weren't seen in the event photos I took. :) one thing for sure, you will love them. :)

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  1. hi miss shen this is amazing. i have a question though. how do u get invited to these events? i've always wanted to attend such events and i envy you so much!! :) thanks and i love your blog.

  2. hi leila, thanks so much! I enjoyed this event a lot. :)

    I'm really not quite sure how I get invited to such events. I'd like to think that they see me as an effective blogger who enjoys what she does even there is an invite or not and the fact that I do patronize their products. 


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