What's A Healthy Deal?

I know first hand how expensive becoming a healthier person is. Unfortunately, if you're not wiser and more resourceful, finding an affordable way to have a healthier is going to drain a hole in your savings. I remember that it took me a lot of trials and errors searching for stores, markets who offer the most affordable organic eggs, free range chicken and coco sugar. There wasn't a lot who offer them but at least I was able to find them and save a few hundreds.

When I heard about HealthyDeals.Ph or Healthy Deals Philippines, the latest group-buying site that offers a deals on it health and wellness, immediately caught my attention! I was eager to check out the deals that they had. Glad to know that they have a few that I'm very much interested in and in tune with the lifestyle I am trying to live now. A Healthy Deal certainly embodies and promotes fitness, health and wellness at a price that all of us can well afford.

They currently have one now on Korean Martial Arts for only Php125 per class! Last week was Pole Dancing for like Php450 which I sadly missed. This week though, I'm loving the deals!  Last week, my cousin was raving about a massage she had and I thought that it's high time I get one myself and the Total Contouring and Firming/Detox  + Back Massage by Organique Nail Spa for only Php427 is definitely inviting.

This deal is certainly up my alley since I need to support my weight loss with a bit of detoxifying massage and I've read that they use essential oils and natural kaolin clay to stimulate the body's natural circulation. Just thinking about already soothes my nerves and "lamig".

With a lot of deals coming out for the past few months on body and face treatments, I can't help but hear horror stories. That these treatments were provided at a cheaper price but paid so much more through traumatic experiences. What I like about HealthyDeals.ph is that they seem to be conscientious in providing deals that are safe and in support of a healthy lifestyle. It seems to be that their goal is to give everyone a chance to taste what healthy living is all about.

To which I am seriously loving. I do hope that in the future they have vegetarian restaurant, organic store and out of town retreat deals.

Oh, and HealthyDeals.Ph is having a blogger's contest now, called "What's A Healthy Deal?" and the prize is a brand-spanking new iPad 2! #award

click photo to be directed to contest page

They are also giving away Sodexho GC's on their site and do check the Healthy Deals Facebook Page and follow them on twitter @HealthyDeals_ph! :)

Tell me if you're getting the massage Total Contouring and Firming/Detox  + Back Massage by Organique Nail Spa deal alright? Let's schedule to meet there and claim our much deserved massage! :)

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  1. kudos for healthy living consciously! enjoy that massage sis! (^_^)


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