National Flawless Day: FOREVER SEXY | Week 3 (Oct. 17 to 23, 2011)

Happy Hump Day everyone,

Here's something I would like to share with you all from our friends in Flawless.

Hello Girls, this is yet another Flawless post! 

On the third week of the countdown to the tenth National  Flawless Day, get up to 40% off on the amazing wellness packages of Flawless for its Forever Sexy promo. 
Available from October 17–23 at all Flawless branches nationwide are discounted prices on the incredibly successful Shape & Sculpt, and the accompanying Nutraceutical, L-Carnitine. Using Shape & Sculpt’s comprehensive program tackles fat at the core. By destroying the fat cell membrane, the program removes stubborn inches and fat – and makes it more difficult to regain those inches and that fat, because the membrane has disappeared. Furthermore, the exercise program that accompanies Shape & Sculpt will help keep your figure svelte and sexy. Meanwhile, the accompanying Nutraceutical, L-Carnitine, regulates fat metabolism, reduces weight and burns fat, increases energy, improves circulation and exercise tolerance or duration, and even enhances mental performance. Also try Cellutite, the first clinically proven non-invasive treatment for cellulite and circumferential reduction – available only at Megamall and Trinoma. Complete your sexy makeover by availing of Flawless’ waxing services. 
Also included in the celebration is the popular Pick A Prize contest. You get to walk away from Flawless with a sexy body and a prize to boot! For inquiries please call 6879118 or 5846807. Like us on Facebook (Flawless Face and Body) and follow us on Twitter (MyFlawless)!

Shape and Sculpt are on 40% off First Timer's Single Session, Php1800
Shape and Sculpt packages are on 25% off!

CelluTite at Megamall and Trinoma Branches are at 40% off for First Timer's Single Session, pay only Php1800.
Cellutite are at 25% off if you get their package!

Shape and Sculpt L-Carnatine Supplement is now Php2250!!

If you're the type who has already worked your bum off losing weight but left with excess fat and unwanted flabby skin, Shape and Sculpt is the perfect procedure for you. I am in love with their Shape and Sculpt because you'll really see the difference with just one session. And the fact that this is non-invasive makes it all the more inviting.

I'm seriously not kidding when I say that these treatments do work. But you have to maintain doing them. So load up on those packages and take advantage of the promos on FOREVER SEXY now. Seriously not kidding about Shape and Sculpt and CelluTite :)

Oh, and their Waxing services are on discount promos, too!

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