The Titanic Sank... So what?

Events of a night prompted me to take my car for a ride til the wee hours of morn. I am currently in state of confusion that I just needed to get away from everything. I never really thought that I was the type. The one who drive around town to let off steam or just to clear the head. With the price of gas in MNL, who can really afford it?

Status: Definitely and positively confuse.

I'm sure some of you have had this moment...

I swear parang MTV lang ako driving around with my windows down, cig on my other hand, the other on the steering wheel.

and it's not complete without a playlist, song blasting on the radio (this time, from my Iphone)

Meet the playlist entitled, The Titanic Sank... So what!". 

It is initially a breakup mixtapeI got the name from an article I read in Phil. Star online, circa 2000 (I think.. I can't remember)  and it had this list of songs like Linger by Cranberries. Since then, I've been adding more and more singles that I think are worthy to be a part of this playlist like Sister Hazel's Your Winter and The Cure's Lovesong. This list is a roller coaster of schizo songs that will make you fall and hurt yourself badly (emotionally).

Here are some of my faves and voted "Most Likely to be on Repeat".

August In Bethany by The Julianna Theory puts to shame many of the indie band now. Walang kokontra. This song is major emo! I literally got teary-eyed at the part...

 "It's hard to give up the one, you never thought you'd leave."

23 by Jimmy Eat World was my 17. I think I twitted this days or weeks ago. Basta... This is one crazy song I had for an ex. Kaloka the lyrics...

"No one else will have me like you do. No one else will have me, only you."

The Brilliant Dance by Dashboard Confessional was so spot on as I drove around an area of the metro that brought back a lot of memories and yes, a few regrets.

"The painful realization that all has gone wrong..". 

Damn you _____________ Ave. and ______________ St. !

Everything by Lifehouse almost made me want to stop my car, park on the side and mag-emo lang. For whatever reason, I don't know (chos!)... OMG this PMS!! But who wouldn't agree that this song is an embodiment of how you want to feel and how you want someone to feel for you? Di baaaa???

"How can I stand here and not to be moved by you?" #pak! #bhug!

Someone Like you by Adele or what I call the Why-not-just-stab-me Song, is probably the most emotional song of the evening and its a good thing that I was confuse and not broken-hearted when I listened to this because I don't think I would have survived.

"I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited. But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it." #ouch

Breathe Me by Sia probably one of the most played song in my Itunes. Sad or not, this song makes it to every list. More so now... when it is exactly how I feel. #Sigh. First line pa lang, Pak na pak na!

"Help, I have done it again."

There are more songs that sent chills down my spine that came busting through my Iphone. There was The Script's Man Who Can't Be Moved, James Morrison's Details in the Fabric and Incubus' Stellar (acoustic version).

I went home, feeling a bit light headed. I needed that drive. To clear my head and think of how exactly what to do. It's nice that even if I'm alone, I feel as if the songs that played was a companion enough. Like a friend talking to me, sympathizing to my plight.

In the end...

Status: I'm getting there.

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Disclaimer: Me and the BF are not broken up. And no, we didn't fight. :) Ok kami!

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  1. I think we're both at our lowest low at the moment. Breath My by Sia has also been staple song for me, especially when I'm down. I also like her song "Numb" I love the lyrics "It has to end, to begin"...   I know it's no consolation, but you're not alone.

  2. i feel you. there's just those times that you feel so sad and so low. Someone Like You by Adele is like a stab to the heart, so does her Turning Tables. but at the end of the day you'll realize that's tomorrow is a new day, a new start. :)


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