Cheers to the Freakin' {Last} Weekend

This entry needs a music and nothing is more appropriate than Rihanna's Cheers (Drink To That Song).

let me start by saying that I want a weekend like last weekend.
What's up with last weekend?

It's Team E's UBE (Ultimate Bonding Experience) Tagaytay Trip!!! Yes, that's what UBE means!
As for what Team E really means. I can't tell you want it means just yet.



Cheers to the freakin' weekend indeed when TEAM E decided to hit Tagaytay. Not that anybody got hammered or anything. But it was one great trip for us 7 (Jaimie baby couldn't make it due to work. Next time!).

Given that this trip was more than a month in the making, we were so psyched that it finally happened. Our sched finally gave out and granted us this weekend to head on over Tagaytay and have that much needed bonding sans events and blogging (work) duties. Thanks to our POC, Sophie, our trip and check-in went smoothly. I can say that driving for these rockstars was fun.

Since SLEX and Santa Rosa didn't have the usual bumper to bumper, we arrived in Tagaytay quite early. Love my girls for being on time at our meeting place, that I barely had the time to eat me junk breakfast from Mickey D's. We stopped over at Petron for H2O and bathroom break (my cig break) and bumped in to Sasha! Small world, right?

I can say that I love joy riding with these girls. Phoebe, Nikki, Sophie and Jheng are the best passengers ever for a semi-pro automatic driver in me. Jheng was so nice handing me almost everything I need (ie charging my phone, feeding me fries, opening my cola and others!). She's like my super gorgeous flight attendant and co-pilot. lol!

And were damn sure long-time BFF, Tara and Dang, were having a blast, too!

We stayed at Hotel Dominique (thanks to Sophie's keen eyes for groupon deals), we got 3 rooms for just about 1k each person. :) Had it not been for the schizo solar-powered hot & cold shower and the irritating neighbors who made complaints from our laughing, it would have been a good hotel to stay in.

But this was one of those trips that it's not the place you stay at, it's the people you're with. Seriously, this is one of the best trips ever. Everyone was just game and everyone seem to be all hungry at the same time!

And boy were we hungry a lot. We were pretty much ready to convert to food blogging after this trip. :) Why does everything taste good in Tagaytay?

At Antonio's Restaurant

We were already in our "kargador" when we hit Antonio's. So much so that when the Grilled Liempo came into view, I exclaimed "Ang liempo ko!" that the waiter was prompted to serve it right beside me! LOL!

Take note: As the girl's driver, I was pretty much spoiled that day. They made extra effort for my comfort cause I drove for them. (awwww!!)

At Hawaiian B-B-Q Restaurant located at The Boutique

Tara and Dang suggested Hawaiian B-B-Q for dinner. So after catching a bit of Zzz's at the hotel, we retouched our makeup, and hit the resto. The ambiance at The Boutique was so tres chic that the girls and I didn't take much photos because... we were having way too much fun chatting each other up! We enjoyed our meal, from the calamares to the Baby Back Ribs. I've tried Hawaiian at their Boracay branch and eating here is always a good decish for me.

At Bon Giorno located at the Cliff House Inn
For Lunch the next day, we had a light one at Bon Giorno. We got the table with the Opium Bed (Day Bed) which made me whip out my "Mang Ambo" quips (inside joke). Lol. Sorry but it was calling out. After the drinking session from the previous evening, the food at Bon Giorno was refreshing. The Lamb Steak was superb. Too bad they didn't have the Lamb Shank, though. Sniff.

My Mango Mochi (thanks to Fo-weh-beh!) at Mochiko at the Cliff House Inn

As beauty bloggers, I think it's obligatory to visit Ilog Maria (just kidding). Since we had time to burn waiting for Tara and Dang and check-in time, we went to Ilog Maria for a bit of shopping.

Jheng got the Face Cream
We found this swing and it was just calling out for a bit of picture taking ("a bit" was an understatement)

Phoebe, Nikki, Jheng, Sophie

 at this point, I was just goofing around but stylist Phoebe made sure i look bongga while doing it!
The first photo was my attempt to immitate Divine Lee. Nikki was the photographer! :)

Another goofy attempt of a Divine Lee pose and my take on the Rajo Laurel pose. #lol

The Vicky Belo and Ruffa Gutierrez Smile. :) Peace, tita Vicky! I love you! #dontkillme

My wacky pose (it was calling for it after all the goofing I did) and a nice (finally) picture of me properly posing. LOL! #award

Thanks to Nikki for all these funny photos! :)

a-tapang a-aso. this dog is #fierce!

Beauty Bloggers with their Ilog Ni Maria Loots!

Sophie looking so fab!

Nikki looking so cutesy!!

Nikki, thanks for being my lookout when I back up and reserve! :) Love yah!!

Group Pic! In fairness, kuya waiter is good in photography ha!

BFF since HS Dang and Tara

Mochiko was nearly sold out!

thanks to Dang for this pic! Me and Partner look steaming hot, ha!

Dang, thanks for this pic! :) Ang oily ko! Grabe!

love yah phoebs for this pic!

Timer mode on Phoeb's Ixus and us on Kawaii mode. lol!

Wide angle mode of Phoeb's Ixus!

And yes, we did drink. :) Glad they liked my Grand Matador and Ice Tea Mix. Sophie killed me with her Grey Goose Vodka and Sprite! :)

Seriously, this UBE needs an encore!!

And after the week we had, we deserve it! :)

Encore! Encore!

Next Destination: Boracay!

What say you?

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  1. Ang saya saya saya!!!! I love your shots! Super saya kang i photo mare! :)  Thanks for being a cool, lady driver that would put "Mang Ambo" to shame! HEHHE oopsss sorry Mang Ambo, real life character ka pala! hihihi

    See you soon girls!!! Missing Jamie! :)

  2. Awww, seeing the photos always makes me smile! I'm still hung over the fun, and yes, I'm definitely game for a repeat. BEACH!!!

    PS: Cute ng Vicky Belo smile! You're so funny talaga sexy Mang Ambo! :)

  3. Actually...I cropped the last 2 photos pa :)) If I didn't your car's plate would be visible + the rest of the world behind us.

  4. in fairness, i think they will overtake me sa sobrang slow ko. lol!

  5. marami pa yan, bubuo tayo ng isang set! :) lol!

  6. yes, miss Jaimie talaga. sigh! nakakamiss kayo!

  7. hehehe ang kulit ng mga pose ni Jheng

  8. wow! This was just like the weekend I had with my BFFs ^0^ so cute!

  9. Carla Avancena30/9/11 11:42 PM

    You guys are so cute! :) Saya naman ng UBE! :)

  10. nice trip!!!


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