Ofuro Akasuri Body Scrub at Ellen's Aesthetic Center

This will be a 3 part posts of the treatments I've tried at Ellen's Aesthetic Center. This post will be about the Ofuro Akasuri Body Scrub.

It was a rainy afternoon when I went with Sophie to try out her latest addiction, Ellen's nuber of face and body treatments. I am easily persuaded by friends especially if its about space treatments and makeups. This one is definitely up my alley and I am eager to join her for an afternoon of vanity at Ellen's.

I wanted to try what Sophie's been raving about, the Bipolar treatment. It's a level higher than the usual Radio Frequency (RF is its popular monicker). But then there were a number of body treatments that intrigued me.

When the daughter of Ellen, Janice, checked on what other procedure I would get done, she noticed that I already have cellulites (I do! There, I admit it!) She suggest that I Ultralift and PowerShape to remove the fatty parts on my inner thighs and shape it. Ultralift is Php2500 while PowerShape 1,500. Small price to pay to reduce my icky yucky cellulite.

But before that I had one of the best body scrubbing that I've ever tried to get (thanks to Jheng and Sophie's rave! I will tell you about m first treatment when I first stepped in at Ellen's!

 I had the Ofuro Akasuri body scrub (Php1,500), it's by far the best scrub I've ever ever experience!

the bathtub area

I'm not sure what they put in the tub but research shows that Ofuro is a Japanese tub bathing and Akasuri is a type of Korean body scrubbing. My attendant told me that they mix a solution with the bath tub water for whitening and exfoliating. Love those two words.

I was instructed to remove all clothing and settle down onto the bathtub with nice warm embracing water and they will turn on the aquajets that will cause the bubble to form (I certainly feel like a child here!). The aquajets really helped in massaging my legs, thighs and back. They will leave you in this bathing splendor for 30 minutes. I suggest bringing an ipod or at least have your mp3 in speaker mode as my undiagnosed ADD had me squirming, 5 minutes in.

bathrobe, panties and shower cap

Thirty minutes later, your attendant will return and ask you to wash up using their brown soap (bleaching with hyroquinone). After towelling yourself dry, you'll be ask to lie on the massage bed face down.  Here, Marjorie and (my attendant), had these body scrub gloves on. Oh boy! The effect of getting all pruned up in their special bath water had all my yucky dead skin cells falling off as she scrubed my back. I would occasionally look at my back and I saw the dead skin cells(libag in Tagalog). This went on for a good 20 to 30 minutes. The scrubbing was a bit harsh but something that I can tolerate. The gloves was coarse which helped in removing the dead skin.

After the scrubbing, of course you'll need to wash it off with water to remvoe the skin away.

I was honestly surprised with the disgusting deadskin that came off from the srubbing. For someone would prides herself in body scrubbing with her HG body scrub Asian Secrest Lulur Whitening Scrub every 4 days, I didn't realize how much is left and how stubborn deadskin can be. Nice to know that they are now gone and permamnently removed from this body!

1. Exchange clothes for a disposable undergarment and bathrobe
2. Wait to be called by your attendant.
3. Dip onto the bath tub for 30 minutes that has the solution that will help your body exfoliate.
4. Wash your body with Brown Soap.
5. Lie face down on to the massage bed. Attendant will ask to change position after awhile.
6. Body Scrubbing will begin for 30 minutes.
7. Wash yourself off to remove dead skin.

Results are amazing! The fact that you've been scrubbed off of deadskin (icky libag) makes all this service worthy. But the after feel and how soft and silky smooth your skin is was priceless. My knees, elbows and ankles felt and looked clean.

For Php1,500, I think you're really getting your money's worth with the Ofuro Akasuri Body Scrub.

I recommend to this monthly or when you have special occassions like going to the beach, wedding or other important events that needs for your to look your best. But getting this treatment as gift to yourself is certainly an event in itself.

It's quite obvious, I love the Ofuro Akasuri. And yes, I'll be coming back for more. Hopefully, the budget will allow. :)

I highly suggest to book your appointments especially on a Saturday as they could get busy and they are close on a Sunday. I recommend getting this one a Friday night, after work, to help you ease the stress and the population from your body.

P.S. They have such roomy spa rooms! As in! Their ceiling mimic a night sky that can lull you to sleep! The room design is simple but roomy that highly encourages relaxation.

Ellen’s Aesthetic Center
54 Timog Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City, 1100 Philippines
+632 4133375 / +632 3746665

(from Tomas Morato, go around the Boy Scount monument and take the Timog Ave., where Petron Gas Station is, and go straight. Ellen is on the left side very near from Petron. Be on the look out for the Ellen signage.)

First photo credit to: Beautynomics.com

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  1. Issachavez6/9/11 11:22 AM

    this is a very nice way to pamper yourself!  wow, i wanna try this!

  2. will it remove scars from insect bites?

  3. I don't think it will if the pigmentation is too dark. maybe you can do this and then try the micropeel which is more for whitening. :) 

  4. Bakit naman kasi BIPOLAR ang pangalan niya? hehehe pero ang cute! I've seen the before and after hots of Sophie! bongga!!!! I think its good for someone who has problems with the tiny fats on the face.. (me) :P

  5. Sounds wonderful! I need this!

  6. Ok, so maybe I am just exaggerating, but stress can really make itself visible on your face. When you are unable to cope or manage your stress, your immune system becomes impaired. This stimulates the inflammatory action which can lead to certain skin conditions that's why spa and clinics like this will help a lot. 


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