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As you all know, I love anything minty. As in! Love the scent of White Flower, Efficacest Oil and Omega Painkiller. My room smells of Eucalyptus most days. I even make sure I have a mint candy or gum in my bag at all times. Even my smokes are menthol. I eveb use the Feminine wash with a coing variant.

To say I love mint or anything mentholated probably an understatement.

So no surprise here, I love to brush my teeth just coz it's another mentholated experience for me.

But boy was I in for treat when I started using the Close-up Fire-Freeze variant. It was surely a new mentholated feel that I've never felt in my years of trying out different toothpastes.

There's the little monster up there. Hate how the BF presses the tube in the middle. Must exorcise this habit of his before we say I do's.

Grabe! That's the first muffled word that came out of my mouth while brushing my teeth with Close-up Fire-Freeze. The minty flavor is so intense that I didn't feel the need to use a mouthwash.

The BF described the flavor and the lasting freshness akin to those tongue strips. Do you rember those? The tiny strips of minty films that melts in your tongue to freshen your breathe?

The gel is a combination of a strong anti-bacterial solution (that's the red part). The blue part is the one that gives you hours of long-lasting freshness.

The weird but pleasant thing was that there was still that zingy cool feel hours after brushing my teeth (as long as i don't drink any flavored beverages, eat any kind of food or smoke). Whoah, right? This sensation will last for good two hours.

I remember this ice tea drink from Nestle which almost have a similar effect. It gives lasting cool feeling in your mouth that if you breathe through your mouth, you'll literally feel a certain cold tempt in it. You'll think vapors are coming out of your mouth.

Only con I see about this toothpaste is how it keeps me wide awake (like now!) after brushing at night. The cool sensation and that sharp minty feel is like a caffeine boost to my system. I'll probably reserve this in the morning and use the Close-up White Now at night.

Close-up Fire Freeze will definitely come in handy after major pig out and drinking sessions. :)

I kid you not. To feel is to believe. :)

Diet Tip
Want to lessen your appepite when there's handaan (party), or just plane don't want to eat too much? 

A toothpaste's minty flavor sort of kills the feel in our mouth to appreciate the flavor of the food front of us. This then results to us eating less than we should have.

So keep a travel size toothpaste and toothbrush in you vanity kit to keep you from pigging out on that flavorful lechon or kare-kare.

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  1. woah! I was just staring at the particular toothpaste while I went out grocery shopping, but I still picked my favorite colgate triple action toothpaste... Definitely adding this on my next to buy list. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Issachavez7/9/11 9:36 AM

    nice review! i will definitely try this!  and that was a great diet tip that you shared!  thanks Miss shen! :)

  3. based on the review you just wrote, looks like closeup fire-freeze is definitely worth trying. will get one tomorrow when i go to the grocery. :)

  4. great blog, shen! i started using closeup fire freeze and i totally agree with everything you wrote! i'm really loving this toothpaste! 

  5. Once again, great blog entry! Now I am very curious to try this out. I'll be adding this to my grocery list for the weekend.

  6. i agree with with you when you said that closeup fire freeze really comes in handy after a food trip or a drinking session. haha 


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