Fun Afternoon at Shu Uemura Boutique (Color Atelier Collection)

I love spending time with beauty bloggers, so when Nina of Shu Uemura invited me over at the Shu Uemura boutique at the Powerplant mall with fellow beauty bloggers, I was only too eager to accept the invitation. Not only am I a big fan of Shu Uemura, I could also spend all day talking with my fave beauty bloggers about makeup!

Wanna know what happened? Click after the jump!

I can still remember that time when I asked my mom in fourth year high school to buy me a Shu Uemura compact foundation and I told her I will study much harder. I was trying my luck, you know. But a 1K makeup was too much for a 16 year old that my mom didn't give in. But of course, even when I didn't get my way I still did my best to study hard to get good grades.

Now I think I have several Shu Uemura products even without having my mom to buy them for me. I guess things do really have a way of working itself out. And what you always wanted, if its meant for you, will eventually find its way to you no matter what (and even with how expensive it is).

When I got there, I got so distracted by the different makeup collection that Shu Uemura has. There are just too many shades available that I got a bit overwhelmed. Even with how many times I reacquaint myself with Shu, there is always something new that I can get overly excited with.

Shu Uemura invited us over to check out the latest collection they have, which is the Color Atelier, that allows you to customize your own palette. Now eye shadows come in tin cans and enclosed in plastic container and box. Although they still come up with several palette collection each season, their permanent ones are sold individually. Now you don't have to stack your Shu Uemura eye shadows in your makeup kit. You get to keep them in cute pristine white palettes. And you can mix and match them depending your occassion or your mood. Great also for travelling as its can be an all-in-one palette for your favorite eye shadows and Glow-ons.

Color Atelier Custom Palette Php1095

I will be talking about this customizable palette extensively in another post. :)

My Color Atelier Custom Atelier Palette, Glow-On and Pressed Eye Shadows

Check out who was there at the event!

Nina, Brand Manager for Shu Uemura

Lyra, one of my good friends in Shu Uemura

Rowena and Nikki

Teeyah, my beautiful partner

Kristine and her boss

Liz and Phoebe

Sophia with Roi, getting a makeover
Sophia looking dewy and sparkly after her

Color Atelier Collection is now available at all Shu Uemura branches. Check them out at Rockwell Mall, Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la.

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  1. nice concept, and i like that their stuff is square, it would fit snuggly in rectangular or square kits so the space is maximized ;-)

  2. What a fabulous event! Thanks for sharing the pics! I need to get myelf to the Shu counter soon!

  3. Chkurspelling13/7/11 1:38 AM

    "Botique"... again, again... "Botique"...

  4. Nice make-up!!! You all look pretty!!!

    Oh and btw, Orange Señorita Shop is one of the sponsors of Vivawoman's July Giveaway Contest. We are giving away almost 2,000++ worth of Human Nature products. We do hope you can join and participate. :D

  5. nice! nakakainggit! i've always wanted to try Shu, can't afford it though, hihihi.....


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