The Purple Groom at Pet Village, Tiendesitas

Last Wednesday, the BF and I decided that the kids (by that I mean, our dogs) need to get their monthly grooming done and to give them a little treat. And where do I take them? At their favorite groomers, The Purple Groom. It's located at the newest section of Pet Village where half of the Antique Village was. I guess the business was booming that's why they decided to widen it out.
After our favorite groomer from another pet shop got pirated to another city, it took us awhile to find that groomer that we were comfy with.. It was actually a trial and error for me and R. We wanted someone who knows how to do a bear cut or puppy cut for Pomerarians. We saw a lovely Chinese couple who had a grooming shop at Pet Village, the dad told us to give their service a try and that they have a new shop open that would fit all my kids.

Since we haven't found that perfect groomer yet, I didn't see the harm in trying. And I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. Grooming can be very expensive be it a small or large breed dogs. And when you have 3 of them, it's no joke the money you spend. So far, I can say that with the client service, both on my dogs and how accomodating they are to the pet owners.

I can say that all of the groomers are pretty skilled in dog grooming. It's as if they can do it with their eyes close.
No matter how fancy dog grooming store is, when they have groomers lacking in skill, it's no use. Thankfully, I don't have to settle. The Purple Groom has nice interiors, enough seats and benches for waiting, clean cages for your pets and no funky smell pet salon.

And they take good care of my babies going as far as giving them water when they need it.

Best of all, all my dog come out of The Purple Groom looking pretty that several people walking past the store wants to get their picture taken with my pups!

Chio, groomed by Aris

Duke, groomed by Tata

Duches, groomed by Junior

The Results

The celebrity dog, as I call my Duke. He's the best thing that R ever gave me and saved our relationship, too. When Duke came into our lives, I knew R and I are meant to be together forever. This puppy cut actually started with my mom when a groomer suggested it. My mom's the reason why Duke is doubly cuter now! She's the one who discovered Duke can rock a cut like this! Thanks, Mom!

Duke waiting for his treats

I got a Shih-tzu so I have someone who looks like me. But as the months go by, Chio is starting to like his dad! Grumpy like him, too! Hmp! But at least, it's me he cuddles to at night when it's cold. I love this cut and Aris certainly knows how to get rid of the tear stain and build up around his knows without it looking too awkward. And looking at now, you couldn't even tell he suffered from tear staining!

Cute brothers Chio and Duke

Awww! Duchess look somber... she's so pretty with her puppy cut. Her shedding has settled down, thankfully. She looks fragile now with her cut and it makes me want to cuddle with her all the time!

They are just get cuter and cuter every after groom!!

I'm very satisfied with The Purple Groom and if you have a pup that needs a makeover, they I definitely recommend you try The Purple Groom.

Grooming for each of my dogs are Php450. I give tips to the groomers of course. :)

The Purple Groom is located right across the car entrance of Tiendesitas on the North Side, in front of the Transcom Building.

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  1. ang cute naman ng babies mo Shen!

  2. aww! Duke looks like a cotton ball! You know Boo? You're Duke reminds me of Boo. Too bad Purple Groom's too far from where I live :)

  3. They're so adorable! And they look like they enjoyed being groomed. What breed is Duke and Duchess? Do they shed?

  4. I heart Duchess :) She's so pretty! I should try out the Purple Groom for my pomspitz, Lucian. Thanks for the info! :)

  5. Aww your babies look lovely. Gotta bring my Sassy to The Purple Groom. =)

  6. what breed is duke/duchess? so cute!! i want one :)

  7. I'm a cat person but these pooches are adorable!! <3 <3 <3

  8. oh my god they're so cute and fluffy i'm gonna die.

    joice (

  9. Duke and Duchess are soooo cute! :) Our dog also has a round cut like that. We do our grooming at Paws Alley in Hobbies. Only Php 300 for everything already. I love it!

  10. Karla Angco24/4/11 4:35 AM

    SUPER CUTE!!!! all of your babies are soo damn cute!! Don't let Duke move for a minute and eveyrbody'll mistakenly think he's a stuffed toy. My goodness.. he's so cute I can't get ovet it. :)

  11. Duke is so cutie! He looks more like a stuffed toy that I wanna hug all the time.

  12. this post will sure cheer up my beloved, thank you for posting ;-)

  13. angelamhiere25/4/11 6:46 PM

    Awww! so cute! Chio, Duchess and Duke should meet Woody and Aki! =D

  14. xcyanidebeauty22/8/11 11:32 AM

    your dogs are too cute!

  15. Hi Shen! Saw your blog cuz it came up when i was looking up some max factor items. Then Duke's face at the bottom of the page caught my eye, and i couldn't resist not reading ALL your posts about your dogs! They are EXTREMELY cute, especially Duke who looks like Boo (the popular FB dog)!! Thanks for your Purple Groom review. I'll be having my toy poodle groomed for the first time, and am looking for a good place to take her. Am considering the pet place at Eastwood, but now that you mentioned Purple Groom, I may try that first. =) Great blog by the way!! I'll probably update myself on your product reviews every now and then, and of course, wait for another doggie update. =)

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  17. Just rather sad that when we went to Tiendesitas today, my husband saw one of the groomers smack the chowchow he was bathing. Then I saw him roughly pulling the dog to where he wanted. We took a photo of him. I spoke to the owner and expressed our disgust, letting her know that she is in an industry that deals with animals and has the responsibility that their welfare is looked after. If her staff has no patience to deal with animals, then he is in the wrong job. Can you immagine if that were your dog?

  18. hi how much for cat's grooming?

  19. Hello! Can you tell me where you buy your pets? I've been wanting to buy a dog but I don't know where to buy. Thanks


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