Press Launch of Belo Bodytite with Ruffa Guiterrez

I had to take a double look when I received an email from Denise of Belo Medical Clinic inviting us to the launch of Ruffa Guiterrez as endorser of Belo Bodytite (safer alternative to tummy tuck) at Salon De Ning, Manila Peninsula Hotel.

I think the stars were aligned to my favor that day  because I had 3 event and all of them in Makati within short distances from each other. Saved up from gas, I tell you. I saw Nigel Barker and Miss J Alexander; got first dibs on Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Collection; got to spend time with Frances and Nicole; then with Zo Aguila, Regina Belmonte and Trixie Reyna of Cosmopolitan Philippines at Barcino.

To top the night of, I met up with Jheng to see the new body of Ruffa G! And we both got to spend it with fashion bloggers Reg and Vern. We also got to chat with fashion designer Camille Co. We also got to rub elbows with fashion elite Camille Farinas-Mathay. I saw Greggy of People Asia, as well!

But of course, seeing other fashionable celebrities such as Ana Roces, Raymond Guiterrez and so forth made the night more glamorous! Too bad I was too shy to get my picture taken with them. :(

Greggy of People Asia, Camille's Friend, Camille Farinas-Mathay in Eric Delos Santos cocktail dress

Turning Shanghai: Me and Greggy. We adore his false lashes. Fab!

Porman and Camille Co

Porman, Camille, Jheng, Me and Denise

 Reg, Jheng, Me and Vern

I felt very old and fat awkward sitting alongside pretty ladies such as the three above and also to see Ruffa sport her uber fasyon body draped in blush shade of gown from Rajo. I really need to get my groove back.. must not let underconfidence let me down! I will rise up above this and lose of this unwanted weight and get back to a leaner and sexier bod... hopefully looking young in the process. :)
Congratulations to the Belo Medical Group, Dra. Vicki Belo and to Ruffa Guiterrez for a very successful launch. I highly enjoyed myself and if not for a scheduled early meeting the next day, I would have stayed.

D, thanks so much for inviting me!

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  1. look so pretty Shen. I remember when you did a look inspired by Ruffa or something like that using a bright hot pink lips. That was pretty.

  2. Jerah Templo ft. Anak Band perform Price Tag at Belo BodyTite event:


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