Obagi TruPeel Experience: Day 2 (The Morning After)

I looked up to a role model when I got my Obagi TruPeel... I thought, if Samantha Jones can pull it off, then I certainly can to!

I remember her words distinctly, "I'm entitled to a chemical peel! Woman shouldn't hide in the shadows because they've had cosmetic surgery, which society nearly demands of them!"

Spot on, my all time mentor!

And since I've always thought and hope that Samantha Jones and I are cut from the same cloth, I braved the Obagi TruPeel!

A day later, I've completely washed off my mask and my face, as expected, is completely red. Red as in like I have a sunburn. It's mildly itchy around the chin area and it feels very raw. My skin is still continuously shedding and I'm very happy about that. I know that the Melanin Control System Mask is completely working and I'm happy to know that it does.

Why TruPeel, not Blue Peel?

I tried the TruPeel isntead of the Blue Peel compared to my other blogger friends, Jheng and Sophie, since I have quite a low pain threshold and thought that I would not be able to take 4 or 5 layers of the blue peel. I thought it would be an awful waste of money and time if I wouldn't be able to tolerate it and my skin might caught a reaction from the TCA. Sophie spoke of length about pain tolerance and blue peel extensively on her post about her Obagi Blue Peel here.

One more reason is that my skin doesn't require it. I don't have too much blemishes, hardly no wrinkles, supple skin, not so much of an oily skin and only a cornered enlarged pores around my nose. Obagi Blue Peel isn't for me.... just yet. Maybe in a few years it will be.

How much is it?

Obagi TruPeel is Php7,280. Quite steep for an intensive peeling cosmetic procedure but I know it will be worth it. :)

Why all the sacrifices?

When you're someone who really experienced bad skin.. things like this are pretty normal for me. There was a time that I walked out of a dermatologist, my face all red from the acne procedure and my pimples (as in so much of them!) needed to be injected with steroids just to flatten those cystic ones down. Many of them was even to a point, bleeding. I also spent almost half my life with lots of acne and blemishes. I'm not new to skin problems... and I've learned that the bigger the sacrifice, the best the results will be.

There is a part of me that has accepted that I will always have problematic skin. But that doesn't mean I will stop doing what I can help it improve it. Not now when there's just so many things I could try, thanks to science and nature.. :)

And the journey continues...

Watch out for Day 3! :) I'm starting to peel... a lot!

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  1. ha!ha! I am more than excited and eager following this Obagi peel adventure of yours Ms. Shen. Just keep us updated. Goodluck to your beauty.

  2.  I wanted to try to this Obagi product and let me see how it really works.

  3. how much po ang facial in obagi and the treatment???

  4. Maya_z20037/1/12 5:16 AM

    please answer yourface went red afterr melanin control system mASK
    i went to dermatologist about my hface hyper pigmenation areas and she told me to do that mask i want to know if it's really effective
    AND more important how many days do iahve to wait till myface returns normal i can't go to school like this please help


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