Charm Travel Pro Version 3 Pre-buy is ON!

If there's any brush set that I would recommend to someone starting out, it's the Charm Travel Pro Set. Had I been that girl back in 2007 and knew what main brushes I needed to complete a rainbow makeup look, smokey eyes, neutral and those bronze J.Lo type of makeup looks.. There's a good eyeshadow brush, a pencil brush and a blending blush to create all those amazing looks.

There's the flat liner brush for creating those nice winged tips eyes. Not to mention the bent liner if you want something easier ways to create those wings. And no reason not to keep those brows groomed with the slanted eyebrow/liner brush.

I've always loved the face brushes of my previous Charm Travel Pros especially the stippling, concealer and angled blush brush. They never seem to let me down. Seriously.

And now the version 3 comes in a stylish black croc skin case and the handles are now black and the ferrules in super sleek fuchsia!

And it's on Pre-Buy Mode for only Php1,800.00! (with free B&M e/s sample, shipping excluded)

Now what are we waiting for? Version 1 and 2 are in the past.. Version 3 is here and it's on!! Let's head on over to Beauty and Minerals website and order ourselves the new Charm Travel Pro!

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