My Michi Calica "Christiana" Cocktail Bag

Michi Calica is probably one of the designers that exudes her love for what she does in her every designs. When you look at her designs, it's not only going to impress you but it's going to make you fall in love. Just like what happened to me when I saw this bag I won at the Styling Contest she held with her sister Marie Calica. Oh boy was my heart soaring when I finally got to see it in all it's glory when I got home.

Now it's just like a piece of art at home.. I haven't even used it for fear that I would ruin the delicate fabric or stain it. As much as I love cobalt blue and I got tons of outfit to pair this bag with, I am still waiting for that special event when I can bring this along with me. Sigh!

But there is one particular dress that this vivd purple with peacock feather and turquioise beads would go well.. My Forever21 blue puff dress. It has an almost monochromatic effect and it perfect for a cocktail party or even a wedding. It's one of my most flattering classy dresses I have.

Maybe I'll use this for the "something blue" part when I do get married. :)

Whatcha think?

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