FOTD: Sweet Pinks with my Pretty Palette

I used my Bobbi Brown Pretty Palette again. I've gravitating to pinks lately that its making me crazy. I feel like I should be collecting Hello Kitty stuff or better yet Little Twin Stars. But I can't. Unfortunately, living with someone curtails freedom of expressing my current faves. Sad, I know. Good thing the BF knows NEVER to mess with what I put on my face.
It's a good thing that my Pretty Palette is full of pinks on it, it's sating my cravings!

Bobbi Brown was right, natural makeup need not be just about browns and beiges. A nice twist to the usual neutral look is playing with pinks. 


The day I wore this look became such a bad day. But what I realized it that one should never lose one's cool especially when dealing with unreasonable discirminating people. I was very pleased with how the day ended. The BF and the dad came to rescue and I appreciated how great the men in my lives are.

Being Pretty Powerful is acknowledging that sometimes we do need people to help us out. It was an enlightening moment. There are things I still need to learn and many I still need to go through. It was hard feeling helpless and anger all at the same time. I just really wanted to be in my mom's loving arms and let the trouble take care of itself. It was hard because I needed to be adult. I needed to stand up for what was right.

What I learned is that the next time I run into trouble, I promise to keep my cool, not cry and just try to be more open-minded. Accidents happen and happen it shall. To worry or to fuss over it will only prolong the agony. To think for resolution is the fastest way to go.

But boy was I glad to see my makeup all in tact when I got home though. :) Hehehe! Excuse the vanity. Thank you. :)

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  1. Charming Vanity21/2/11 10:18 AM

    Love the look! I've been wanting to get this palette as well! Thanks for sharing the pictures...

  2. Very sweet looking! :)

  3. your fotd is very nice! gave me an idea on how to make a different natural look!

  4. Latinminx7921/2/11 10:25 PM

    The lip color you are wearing looks very pretty on you.

  5. I love your lip color! :) And what a great FOTD!

  6. Marjbarretto22/2/11 6:55 PM

    i used to like your blog, i know you and you do not look this way. It's either you have a ton of foundation on your face or you photoshopped. You are not only dumb but also stupid to think that your readers are stupid. No wonder you only have a handful of readers compared to your peers. Because of your ways I will NEVER buy any of the items you review.

    Btw, you also look like a MANGKUKULAM! (so appropriate, gets?!!?)

  7. Hello, Marj!
    You know me? Talaga? Sana kilala rin kita! Para ako rin maghanap ng ipipintas sayo. Para patas lang. :) Anu? Gusto mo magkita? :) Para naman sa mukha ko lahat sabihin yan? Di ba? :) Ang sosyal mo siguro, makinis, maganda, habulin ng lalaki. Grabe ang perfect mo naman!!! Love na love ka talaga ni God!

  8. Thanks Nina!! :) The lip color here is really flattering for everyone!

  9. Thanks! Like I mentioned to Nina, this is really a nice lip color for anyone. :)

  10. Yes, let's not get stuck to using just browns and beiges for a neutral look. :)

  11. Thanks Nikki!! :) You look pretty in your FOTD using the Pretty Palette too! :)

  12. Get it already! :) It's Bobbi Brown, that alone is a reason to get it especially when the budget allows it! :)

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Aww! Thanks Ivy! Your comment did put a smile on my face. :) Laughed at the spinal injury and cerebellum comment. LOL! But I think it really boils down to the fact that she's not secure enough about herself that she has to put me down and include the readers. I really abhor bullies and mean girls who put down others. But I pity her coz she is likely bullied herself and the only way she can act out is through bashing me.

    But she is not affecting me in any way AT ALL. :) My readers know who I am, I'm an open book. :) I know I don't have to defend myself to you guys. :)

    Thanks again, Ivy!!

    (I should sched na talaga a grand EB!)

  15. @marj: so masaya ka na nyan? educated and civilized people doesn't act that way. if only bad things come out of your mouth, better shut it.

    @ms shen:
    i agree, she's so insecure.
    you look even prettier now, and i have seen how your skin have improved! dami ko na rin nabiling make-up dahil sa iyo and i love all of them! the only thing i don't like about it is bawas na naman sa pera ko, hehe.
    This natural everyday look in pink is one of my favorite!

  16. hi ms shen, dont mind haters, i think shes inggit lang or walang magawa sa boring niyang life. your blog is the first blog ive ever read and mula noon naging addiction ko na ang pagbabasa ng mga blogs.thank you for inspiring me and making me realiize how important our family to us especially our mothers. kaya just keep on blogging :) i ♥ shensaddiction! ! !

  17. Charlesangel9924/2/11 3:10 AM

    love bobbi brown shades too! i like your shot with the TAZ seatbelt..define FRESH ! :))


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