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Forever 21 Shopping Spree!


I'm not so svelte as other people out there, so pardon my physique. :) I just recenetly hauled a few dresses at Forever2. Well, it definitely shows that Forever 21 has something for everyone. :) I go crazy whenever I go inside. I was just suppose to get a pair of shoes and instead I ended up with these stuff. No shoes in tow after. LOL!

I love these haul.. best of all, all of these are R's V-day gift! :)

 These dresses I spotted are great for summer. Love the prints on the first one while I love the nautical feel of the second dress.

 I love animal prints, especially cheetahs, so this was a no-brainer. :)
Came with a belt, too!

 Love for cobalt blue is unwavering and the gold buttons on this high waist shorts was a sure keeper. :) Here Leger inspired-dress on the left side, this dress screams date night. :)

Right in time for  Valentines, this ultra-sexy lace red dress is what I would wear if ever R and I decide to brave the traffic on Valentine's Day. :)

For going out with the gals, I chose these skirts. I love how flaterring they can be no matter how large my belly is. :) Either way, I'm wearing Inches Off to lessen the puson explosion. :) I also got the oversize shirt with peacock feathers because I love the print. The white long-sleeve top is a great add-on to my growing white tee collection. Love love love white tees!

I also got a few basic tees that I really needed. Glad they're back! :)

Never let your weight get away from enjoying the things you want to wear. Yes, there's always a line not to be crossed when it comes to fashion. But do remember that you dress for yourself.. not for anyone. :) So have fun and you just might find out that you're actually a size smaller than you really are. :)

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  1. Love your picks from Forever! that lace dress is very sexy for Vday :D

  2. love the cobalt shorts with buttons shen, i have been looking for something like that, saw one in kamiseta but it wasn't that flattering. If i may ask, how much is it?

  3. around 745. :) not more than 800, i'm sure. :)

  4. Like the first dress! I saw that in the F21 website and wanted to get it, but didn't see it in the store the last time I went (around 2 weeks ago). When did you go to get this? Were there still plenty of stocks? :-)

  5. i got this yester and it's on some halo2 rack. didn't see another one while going around.. chanced upon it lang. :(

  6. luvin the red dress, shen! reminds me of what solenn has on the feb cover of cosmo

  7. I love everything, partner! Most especially that lace dress. SEXAY!

  8. saccharine015813/2/11 3:45 PM

    Lovely haul! I like everything and all your outfits looks stunning on you! ^_^

  9. love the printed white dress and the red lace dress!!! <3

  10. where can we buy Inches Off?

  11. i love that red dress and your blue shoes! you have great style, i love your taste!

  12. You can find inches off at Watsons in major SM branches and the cosmetic section in the department store


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