The Eye Primer I Can't Stop Raving on Twitter!

Oh, Eye Primers, How do I love thee! I simply can't survive without you, really!

I am most handicapped when ever I don't use an eye primer as my lids are extremely oily and my country's humidity leaves my eye shadow creasing til its almost disgusting look at. Although I can't consider myself an authority on eye primer as I've only used Smashbox, Urban Decay, Etude House and Too Faced... this recent discover blew me away.

To be honest, although mineral, natural and organic, is the best way to go nowadays... I wasn't really expecting too much from a mineral eye primer. Really, not all natural, organic and mineral works. I should know, I've been a constant guinea pig for the past 3 or 4 years with trying all sorts of natural products but only few of them made it to my fave lists. I still am a firm believer in science and how scientists and chemists come up with products that may have ingredients we could hardly pronounce but truly works. Well, that's my two cents. And the fact that I enjoy both worlds, makes me happy woman!! :)

But this time is when nature's at its best and made this eye primer truly works (at least for me it does). :)

Tada!! It's Ellana Minerals Eye Primer Shine-free Matte Finish.
I know many out there have expressed how expensive primers could be and it is for a very good reason. If you consider your eye makeup as work of art, then you would want to preserve right? And I'm sure that the brands who offer eye primers have extensively researched about it that caused them to put a high price tags on their products...

Until now... when Ellana Minerals have made it possible for everyone to get experience long lasting vibrant eyeshadows without denting the pockets or risking our credit cards to its limits.

Ellana catalog says:

What it is: A cream to powder primer for the eye area to make eyeshadows more intense, provides a solid, less shimmery finish, and prevents creases on eyelids

No Parabens!

I can't quite describe the consistency of the Ellana Eye Primer but it's like play-doh! That's probably why it's in a pot instead of the usual tube or lipgloss container like the usual primers I've tried. It reminds me of L'oreal  Base Magique in a way that both feels like a mousse and dries to a matte finish.

Photo below will show the Ellana Eye Primer could make your eye shadows more vibrant.

Above e/s's: No primer | Below e/s's: With Ellana Eye Primer

Ellana Eye Primer works, without a doubt.

4:00 PM Got home, took a shower and applied my makeup including the Ellana Eye Primer.

5:30 to 8:30 PM (Can't remember exactly what time the event ended) Interview with Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez at Shangri-la Makati.

9 PM: Got home, went online and stayed on it while watching my favorite shows.

11:47 PM: Tweeted "I'm waiting for my eyeshadow to crease but it not happening. This eye primer rocks!"

3 AM: still no creasing!! The vividness of the eye shadows lessened but there was no creasing at all!

Photo below will show the testimonial. Hehehe!

really stretched out my lids for you to see no creasing!

Look, ma! No crease! :) Oh the joy! I use the Ellana Sesualeyes Gift Pack available on their latest catalog. :)

It's quite obvious that some of the eyeshadows on my browbone have disappeared but the rest remained in tact and crease-free through out the night. :)

Excuse the oily face!

Hours later from application

And this is not the only time I used the eye primer. Used during the day last Saturday and still no creasing. Used it this Tuesday with pressed eye shadows (even with the crying I did) still no creasing.. even my gel liner stayed put!

What's best, it's only Php150.00 ($6)

I could really consider this an HG Material. No Kidding!!

Let's see how this fair during summer months, though. But given that we now have a natural/mineral eye primer with an inexpensive... I couldn't really wish for anything more. :)

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  1. Askmewhats11/2/11 7:02 AM

    and this is very inexpensive! So definitely great news to eye primer enthusiasts out there! Hope you're feeling better :D

  2. "I still am a firm believer in science and how scientists and chemists come up with products that may have ingredients we could hardly pronounce but truly works. "

    I concur! I love organic products but when it comes to make-up, I have trouble with them. That is, until I came across Human Nature. I'm also using Urbay Decay primer, though and it's lasting for more than a year now. I've been on the lookout for a new primer and I don't have the budget for UD now.

    I'm gonna give this a try. Although...I hope it's not going to be difficult to put on. That's one thing I love about UD.

  3. Elsaledesma200311/2/11 8:26 AM

    really? oh huaw!!! i should get hands on that primer... I have super oily lids, and UD creases on me... waaahhhh!

  4. angelamhiere11/2/11 8:36 AM

    I have to get my hands on that!!! ^__^

  5. wow! this works great and it's very affordable! i want you ellana eye primer!!!

  6. bebe! where can i buy ellana products? :D

  7. good thing!!! holy molly! last time i asked they only have the face primer available. im gonna try this eventho i just had my ELF haul hehe

  8. your nearest mall, ask if they have a booth there. there is one in SM Megamall and SM Makati :0

  9. The primer looks awesome! I will check it out once I run out of mine. :)

  10. hi ms. shen....i just saw this post from miss nikki's blog and it really caught my eye because i also have oily, i was about to try etude house but i think i have got to try this first! yehey, it's really inexpensive! btw, i also like your eyeshadow! thanks! :)

  11. thanks for sharing! ill definitely check this out once my UDPP runs out :D

  12. Wow! I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks for your review. :D

  13. shopcoholic11/2/11 2:46 PM

    now I know what primer to buy when I ran out of UDPP! Thanks shen, ang laki ng masasave ko LOL

  14. wow thanks for the heads up, this is a definite must try ☺♥

  15. I've always wanted to purchase this, but it's always sold out! At least sa Makati...

  16. Connie (Skin Deco)12/2/11 2:05 AM

    Awesome! Thanks for the rec :D

  17. wow 3am and still no crease :) and for its price of 150, it's worth it to try! Good find, shen!

  18. hi were can i buy the Ellana Primer? thank you for the info...

  19. Laomaricel19/9/11 7:15 PM

    you have like that in cebu?where to buy it?

  20. Where did you buy this in the Phil? :)


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