Ellana Lip and Cheek Palettes (pictures, swatches)

Ellana's Lip and Cheek Palette is one of latest offerings of Ellana Minerals. It composed of two mineral tinted lip color, one lip spa and a moisturizing cream blush. It's available in 4 palettes; 2 warm palette (peach based) and 2 cool palettes (pink based).

Here are my hauls from my latest purchase:

Pretty in Pink:  Fairy Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted rosy coral); Bubble Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted light rosy pink); Smooch Lip Spa (red pink)

Pretty When Pinched: Pout Lip Spa (pink); Impress Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted red magenta); Smitten Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted pink magenta); Fulfillment Moisturising Cream Blush (Watermelon peach with gold satin finish)

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Honey Mineral-Tinted Lip Color (tinted light peach); Passionate Mineral-Tinted Lip color (tinted earthy red); First Kiss Lip Spa (magenta); Harmony Moisturizing Cream Blush (light tan bronzer with bronze shimmer)

Pretty in Pink Palette
Pretty in Pink is what I would recommend for those with same skin tone as I am (light-medium). It's the Smooth Lip Spa is amongst my favorite, a nice lip balm for everyday use. Bubble Mineral-Tinted Lip Color is a fun pink gloss and gives that uber pink lips while the Fairy Mineral-Tinted Lip Color is very forgiving for all sorts of pigmented lips like mine. Flirtation Moisturizing Cream Blush is one of the best pink cream blush and with its high pigmentation, making it appear on almost all skin tone will be easy.

Pretty When Pinched Palette
Pretty When Pinched I recommend for for with cool undertones and have light to medium skin tones. I love all the Mineral-Tinted Lip Color. Impress is definitely something for the evening and for events like presentation. It's gloss texture is amazing to give an oomph to your everyday lipstick. Smitten is a pink lipstick you'd want hanging around with you when you're out with the girls having coffee or on a date. Dab it with the Pout Lip Spa for a little dimension. Fulfillment is amongst my favorite mineral powder blush and having this in cream form that last longer is a dream. Can work with warm undertones, too!

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun Palette
Sitting Pretty Under the Sun is definitely a peach palette. Everything here will work for all skin colors. Although I am not very much attracted to peach tones, I am very happy with how it compliments my golden undertones. Honey is like my-lips-but-better-coz-of-the-shimmer type of lip color. Passionate is amazingly pigmented and appears matte on my lips. Must remember to use First Kiss Lip Spa first that gives my lips smoothness and softness. And if there's one reason to get it, it's for the Harmony Moisturizing Cream Blush. It's very pigmented and gives me that contour I love on the hallows of my cheeks!

Check out the Close-up pictures I took and you decide which you like best!

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Pretty When Pinched

Pretty When Pinched

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun


Pretty in Pink: Smooch, Flirtation, Fairy, Bubble

Pretty When Pinched: Impress, Fulfillment, Pout, Smitten

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Passionate, Harmony, Honey, First Kiss

 Lip Swatches:

Pretty in Pink: Bubble, Fairy, Smooch

Pretty when Pinched: Impress, Pout, Smitten

Sitting Pretty Under the Sun: Passionate, Honey, First Kiss

Mineral-tinted Lip Colors: Some are amazingly pigmented like Smitten, Bubble and Passionate while the rest appears glossy like Fairy, Honey and Impress.

Lip Spa: Doesn't really show enough color, just your usual lip balms but none of the usual bad stuff like paraben and petroluem. Will definitely moisturize your lips.

Moisturizing Cream Blush: Amazingly pigmented! It's also matte so yey! for oily skin ladies like me. It's not as hard to blend as I thought it would but it's definitely not as easy compared to my other cream blushes. Nonetheless, I really love all the cream blushes! Trick is to warm the cream blush with your fingers when getting the product and lightly smooth on to your cheeks.

I really love the Ellana Lip and Cheek Palettes, that I didn't mind it doesn't come with a lip brush. But I do hope they'll come up with it though for it's more hygienic that  way. Overall, I am happy with my purchases and I will be stashing them in my kikay kit, especially when going out of town when I don't want to bring tons of products with me.

Don't forget to exfoliate your lips with Ellana Lip Scrub!

Ellana Lip and Cheek Palette are not shown at www.ellanaminerals.com. Better check out their Facebook Page for their latest catalog. You can email them or send them a message on FB for your orders. :)

Each palette cost Php280! Steal, tight?

Did you like any of the palette I posted above? Share them to me by commenting at the comment box!

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  1. A Georgy Girl2/2/11 7:44 AM

    Wow, they are surprisingly pigmented! I was never a fan of lip palettes because I hate using a lip brush! I just might check some out!

  2. Good day Ms. Shen I love the palettes how much?

  3. I love the colors! How much and where did you get this from? :)

  4. they are only php280!! steal noh?

  5. i use my charm pro lip brush and it works great.. :) its easy to get use to it. :)

  6. got it at www.ellanaminerals.com. but i go to to their fb page as their latest catalog is in there. :)

  7. Thanks! I will order all :D

  8. Nice packaging! It's simple but very clean. :D Love it!

  9. these look veryyy tempting!

  10. wow, the shades look great, packaging reminds me of the face shop's lip color pallet. <3

  11. I am loving the cream blushes!

  12. Hi! Thanks for the review. I linked this post in my blog here:http://beautynerdery.blogspot.com/2011/09/awesome-link-beauty-products-that.html

  13. Wow, the swatches are awesome! Your post makes me want to get that "Sitting pretty under the sun" once I set foot in the mall. The peach color scheme looks superb for the upcoming summer. Keep it up!


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