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Avon Smooth Minerals Lipsticks (Rosy Brown and Pink Quartz)


I don't own a lot of Avon lipsticks and now, I wonder why. So far, they keep on surprising me with how great they are.

Avon Smooth Minerals, when i first encountered it, rang bells of the MMU addict in me. Who here (all MMU addicts, I mean you) didn't wish that we finally get a chance to try mmu lipstick in the traditional form, in a tube!

But of course, I didn't want to get my hopes up. But it didn't disappoint. Avon Smooth Minerals are is as expected smooth! It glided on to my lips like love. There was no dry feel with these tubes. The texture felt like a soft gloss patted down with a tissue and you're left with a nice sheen.

Let me tell you this, if you want a non-drying lipstick for yourself, this is it for you. I didn't feel that chappy feel unlike with some conventional lipstick I've tried.

Here's two shades from Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick I've been gifted to try:

Rosy Brown and Pink Quartz

Rosy Brown and Pink Quartz

Rosy Brown

Rosy Brown reminds me of a sexy librarian with a tight bun, square glasses, short tight skirt and this sexy deep brick red lipstick. Hmm... whatcha think? Although girls my age and those younger than I am won't be caught dead in shades like this, the movement of bold colors in cosmetics is surely rising and I won't be surprise if some of us are fighting with our moms to get our hands on this lippie.

Rosy Brown

Pink Quartz
Pink Quartz is a cute cotton candy pink shade that has the most intriguing shimmers of gold and green specks that I think would compliment the Filipina skin tones. As gold and green really do accentuate our golden undertones. I guess that's why they called this Pink Quartz as gems to reflect different colors.

Pink Quartz

Skin Swatch:

Lip Swatches: 
(color may appear darker in person)

Rosy Brown (about 3 coats)

Pink Quartz (about 3 coats)

Overall, I recommend this to those who are picky with lipsticks and want only the natural that touches their skin. The Avon Smooth Mineral Lipsticks conditions the lips and takes care of them with it's mineral complex, provide good amount of hue and glides on to lips smoothly. I can't say about the other shade but the two really satisfies the addict in me. :)

Have you tried mineral lipticks? What's your take on it?

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  1. Shen, I like the Rosy Brown shade. It looks really nice with the golden shimmer!

  2. i have one in crystal coral. nice coral color with gold finish. maybe i'll try the pinl quartz next time!

  3. rosy brown is quite dark so i hope you get to try it on first before you pruchase it! :) well, that is if you're not into dark lippies. :)

  4. i like the rosy brown and im using it for about a month now and so happy coz of its smoothness and compatibility of color in me.

    Thanks to Avon heheh...


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