Product Review: L'oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream SPF 17/PA++

When it comes to whitening products, you know I am mostly if not always all over it. You know how I want to appear fairer. BUT NOT to look like those foreign girls who are actually born with fairer skin on the west side of the world... I love my Asian skin tone that is neither too fair nor too dark.

So, why indeed do I keep on trying whitening products?

Answer: I just want to even out my skin tone!

Battling with acne even up to now has been a frustration because I would always end up with dark spots. Unfortunately, I didn't know before that pricking my pimples, touching it and not using sunblock for almost half my life caused me to have uneven skin tone with dark spots.

How to know if you have uneven skin tone? You either have dark areas around the chin and cheeks, sides of the nose, dark spots due to acne scarring or all of the above.

Excessive melanin production (melanin is responsible for darkening) makes it worst because I am simply not doing anything about it. Yes, that's true! It's the reason why our pimple marks scars darken and why we get a tan whenever we are exposed to the sun?

As a beauty addict, I'm a sucker for reading labels and knowing how products work. Apparently, there's a new innovation of L'oreal Paris called Melanin-VanishTM in all their White Perfect range that "helps neautralize the program of melanin-production at the source. It basically targets the enzyme that causes our darkening. And it removes the cells with melanin. 

To put it simply, no melanin = no melanin production =  no skin pigmentation.

And with the Tourmaline Gemstone that helps in stimulating the skin, you'll achieve a rosier glow.
So, L'oreal White Perfect = fairer rosier skin.

I've been using the L'oreal White Perfect Fairness Control SPF17/PA++ (Php595) for the nearly two months sporadically (since I stay home some days of the week) and I noticed a slight change in my skintone. It's not lighter but my dark spots have lightened. I notice that I can go without using a maximum coverage foundation to even out my skin tone. I can even get away with just a mineral makeup powder and a blush when I go out.

How I use it.

After toner, instead of reaching for my sunblock (since I stay indoors most days lately), I apply the  L'oreal White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Cream SPF 17/PA++. I use the same amount or lesser as seen below and spread it evenly starting from forehead, cheeks, chin and lastly nose area.

When I need to apply makeup, I make sure that this is well absorbed before I put on my foundation. If I'm in a rush, I use mineral makeup foundation/finishing powder with oil control.

You may have to retouch and blot an hour or two from makeup application since this is not an oil control product. Use an oil-control makeup but let this be absorbed to the skin prior. Stay in colder area when waiting for it to absorb

Better yet, apply a makeup primer like L'oreal BaseMagique Transforming Smoothing Primer. It's a good primer for those with oily skin. Review to follow.

When you want to achieve a fairer complexion, please take note of the following:

  1. Make sure that you've cured your acne and other skin problems (warts etc). If not, deal with those first.
  2. Avoid removing the scabs off of your pimple scars. This will cause trauma and it will darken. Let it heal on its own or keep using your pimple medication.
  3. Never rub your face with a towel harshly. Pat lightly till water is absorb.
  4. Avoid sun exposure. Use a day cream with sunblock or a stronger sunblock.
  5. Bring an umbrella when outdoors.
  6. If possible, start using whitening products and treatments during colder months when the sun is not too harsh (September to January). If not, see no. 4 and 5 and take it to heart.
  7. For severe skin pigmentation and dark spots, consider peeling treatments from a certified dermatologist.
  8. Always aid no.7 with a good whitening range.
  9. Have a healthy eating habit and lifestyle to avoid pimples and dark undereyes to avoid going through the process of treating them and then whitening again... :)
  10. Be patient, give the product time to work. The journey to a beautiful skin may be hard but it is worth it the effort.

With all the whitening products out there, it's really easy to get confused. But I hope I was able to enlighten you what L'oreal White Perfect can give you.

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  1. ey Shen, thanks for the heads up. though i'm not a l'oreal fan or awhittening products fan by any means, i just want to share that being fair, as in maputi, at least for me, not that big a deal and is even a hassle now.
    i'm being called gluta when i can't even afford those shots and treatments. i keep getting offered whitening products, eh ang puti ko na nga, so i think, they think i got this way thru man's science instead of thru my Chinese dad's genes.
    minsan nakaka-inis, minsan nakakapagod, but i've learned so much from you and Nikki, to always smile and stay positive. thanks, Bhe. God Bless.

  2. I've been eyeing this in the mall for so long but don't have the budget haha!

  3. Thanks for this review and for the tips. I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to remove my pimple scabs..hehe

  4. I so love this product. It is so effective talaga :)

  5. Abdullahfarhan721/10/11 10:11 PM

    what if you random pimples popping out while ur applying the whitening ...its hassle

    n how many times do i apply the loreal?

  6. i like your make up in the attached photo. 


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