Book Review: Bobbi Brown' Beauty Rules

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I just read the latest book of Bobbi Brown that says everything that a girl needs to know about beauty without the nonsense.

Bobbi Brown speaks the language of women but more so, of a mother. That's what I got from her book, the Beauty Rules. It's filled with information that even at my 27th year, still haven't grasp.

She focuses on every part of the face like nose, eyes, lips and even hair and how to enhance them the best and most natural way. She even has words for finding your own style, sharing her own and citing examples... There are interviews conducted with a doctor, stylists, models and more to answer dilemmas that I'm sure you're dying to ask. She reminds us to have fun... Oh! You'll definitely love the before and after photos... something you'd like to try for yourself, I'm sure!

While reading the book, I was filled with so much nostalgia because it felt like my mom was talking to me. I had to put it down for awhile because I couldn't help the tears from falling. Bobbi's words are quite similar to what my mom use to advise me when it came to taking care of my skin, using makeup and having a healthy lifestyle.

Must read and my most favorite part is Chapter 17.  She wrote a letter to the moms who would be reading the book and a letter to the daughters. I was only in the first page of the chapter and I can't help but just think of my mom, hoping she could read it, too. But when I got to the letter for the daughters, well, I needed a lot of tissue to dry up my tears.. I was that kid who fought with my mom about anything because I think she was too strict... now that I'm older and that she's gone, I understand now that what she really wanted was what's best for me. Simple as that... 

I especially like the Foreword provided by Hilary Duff which is entitled, I am a work-in -progress. Sharing how she discovered Bobbi, conquered show business and share her mom's passions.

If your were to ask me.. Beauty Rules is the book for every girl who is about to step inside her mother's closet and try on her high heels and her red lispticks. It's for the girls who doesn't have their moms to teach them about makeup, womanhood and life. It's for those women who are afraid to step inside the beauty section of the department store... it's for those girls who thinks makeup is a way to disguise who they really are... those girls who needs reminding that beauty is not skin deep. For the fathers who wishes to understand their daughters. For men to understand the woman in life.

I'm glad that I have this book... It makes me miss but in a good way... and I could share this to my daughter, too. The book just felt like my cool mom was talking to me..

Amazaing. Really, really amazing!

If you want the book for your niece (or for yourself.. teehee!), I suggest you get the Beauty Rules Palette... a little something for your niece (or make you feel a little teenage girl again.) :)

photo courtesy of bobbi brown website

Rating: 5 stars!!

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Book and Beauty Rules Palette are both available at all Bobbi Brown Counters.

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  1. hi shen! i love the make up manual of bobbi brown! how much is this??

  2. I've always been curious about that book. I always glance at it whenever I'm visiting the bookstore...I'm just hoping I see a copy in Book Sale. XD

  3. Gusto ko nyan! Sana meron sa National. and for how much? :D

    xoxo hazel


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